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Using Meditation to Manifest Love

Are you wanting to manifest love in your life? Chances are you have used crystals to help you do this, but the idea of manifesting can be something that confuses you. This can even make you feel angry or sad. When you add some crystals, it can help you to open up your mind and your heart and listen to the energies around you. If you want to attract love in your life, try crystal meditation to mani...[Read More]

Getting Your Aura Cleaned Out

One of the most daunting things that we can do is to have to clean out our closet. When you are in the middle of a pandemic, it might make you decide to do some deep cleaning and the closet is one activity that you will have to tackle. Some people believe that your aura can benefit if you do a closet cleanse. Unlike cleaning, you learn to make sure that your energy field is strong and while you cl...[Read More]

How to Balance and Heal Your Chakras

Chakras are considered to be a very important thing, especially now days. People know that their chakras are part of ancient wisdom and that the information that they get from their chakras can help them to be balanced or unbalanced. Healing Your Chakras You can know if your chakras are balanced by how healthy you are feeling. This goes beyond your body and works with your mind, body and soul. Man...[Read More]

Knowing What Path to Go on Based on Signs from the Universe

The universe will show you things and it will help you to know if you are on the right path or if you are making big mistakes in your life. We sometimes doubt who we are and what we are doing, and we always want to know if we are making good decisions. We have a mindset that causes us to feel like victims or to feel like we are not able to find our real purpose. If you believe you are down the wro...[Read More]

Finding the Best Psychic Reader Around

Are you in the market for a psychic reader and you want to make sure that you find the perfect psychic for you? One thing to know is that since ancient times, psychics have been considered royal people that would do readings for kings and queens. Even though most of the time, they weren’t called psychics. Some psychics were called mediums, seers, soothsayers and more. Today, you can find psychics ...[Read More]

How to Heal Your Chakras

You will always look back in your life and wonder how you changed your broken life and become who you are today. When you work through things in your life, you can embrace healing and learn to deal with things better. You can have calmness in your life and learn to move forward, even when things are hard such as a breakup or a divorce. Having a broken heart is hard because you give all of your emo...[Read More]

Raising Your Vibration to Manifest

Everything is made up of energy which gives it a frequency or vibration. Your personal vibration is a code that communicates with the larger universe and can request what you want to manifest in your life. The higher your vibration, the clearer and more potent your manifesting energy can become. In order to make your vibration higher, you must raise it and then manifest clearer. To do this, try th...[Read More]

Using Meditation to Heal the Chakras

If you aren’t very spiritual or into things other cultures believe, chances are that you might not understand things. Maybe you have never believed in Buddhism and you thought that it was just for others and you never thought about really connecting to nature. Maybe you didn’t like New Age things and you thought Hinduism was too hard to understand. Chances are if you know about any of this stuff t...[Read More]

Gut Instincts not to Ignore

Do you ever have a funny feeling or a tingle that you know that you shouldn’t ignore? Most of us have experienced some kind of gut feeling that made us know something without being able to explain it. This can be something like stopping at a green light and missing getting hit or choosing to break up with someone that you don’t really know and then meeting someone that is perfect for you. When you...[Read More]

Signs You are an Old Soul

Have you ever felt that you are simple, and that life goes by too fast for you? Do you feel that you do not fit in with this world and that you are different? Chances are, if you feel this way, you are an old soul. Being an old soul is different and it can cause you to look at life differently than others do. This means that you are older than you are in your body and that you have a lot of wisdom...[Read More]

What to Do When You Are Grieving

A spiritual medium is there to help you talk to your loved ones that have died. Your medium is there to help you talk to those that have passed over and when they meditate, they can talk to their guides and ask them to help to spread the message. Some mediums can feel the emotions and the personality of the spirits that they talk to and they can then give the message to those who are looking for a...[Read More]

Signs That Your Soul is Speaking

For so many that believe the soul is our truth, it can be a struggle. This is because society and our lives in general are pulling us away from our deepest truths that lie within our souls. Our souls are hungry and in need of nourishment in order to thrive. So many feel this as a need to shed preconceived, outdated notions about success so we can be happy. When we get to this point it is actually ...[Read More]