What Happens When You Ignore Intuition?

Ignore Intuition

Do you ever think something is wrong with you or you keep overthinking things in your life? Everyone has been in a place where they know that something isn’t right but they either ignore it or they know something is right and they choose not to act on it. When this happens, you aren’t following your intuition.

Intuition is one of the hardest things that people choose to listen to because it means that you have to listen and trust yourself. Sometimes you have to follow these things when there isn’t any evidence that you are making the right choices. Even if you aren’t sure, this is one of the most important things that you can choose to do. Once you learn to trust your intuition you will see that your feelings will tell you a lot.

Trusting your intuition is important and you should never ignore how you are feeling, or it will lead you to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Here are some signs that you might not be listening to your intuition:

Feeling Ungrounded

Do you feel like your life is out of control? Do you feel that you used to be interested in so many things in your life but now you don’t even have a passion for anything? This could be happening because you aren’t listening to your intuition.

When you ignore your intuition, it can also mean that you are dealing with hard things in your relationship, and you are letting things take over your life and your peace.

Sleeping and Eating Well

The way that you are living can show if something is wrong or not. Sometimes when we don’t listen to our intuition it can cause us to miss out on what is important in our lives. We might doubt that we are in the right relationship or the right job.

The lifestyle that you lead is important and if you are suffering and not getting what you want, your intuition is probably trying to tell you something important.

Pretending Your Emotions

Are you unhappy but you pretend that you are joyful and excited? You might not even know why you have these feelings of unhappiness, but the truth is, your intuition might be trying to tell you that something is wrong.

Your intuition is there to guide you and to help you to have an overall well-being. If this isn’t happening, then chances are you aren’t balanced and you need to listen better.

Healthy Risks

When your intuition starts talking to you then it is time to figure out what it wants to tell you. It might tell you to take a different career path or to start something new in your life. Sometimes these changes can be scary but if you ignore them, you aren’t taking the risks that you might need to consider.

Sometimes risks can be scary, and it is always important to make sure that you look at what your risks might be but at the same time you should learn to have some more fun in your life.

You Feel Lonely or Left Out

Your intuition will guide you when it is time to choose people to be around. This can be in relationships or friendships. There will be some people that you have a natural connection with and some that make you feel weird and strange all the time. Your intuition is trying to tell you which friends to listen to and which ones to make part of your circle.

You need to have friends in your life that support you and that listen to you when you are sharing what is important to you. Everyone should have a friend that listens and loves them.

You Have Gut Pain

Your intuition isn’t called a gut feeling for no reason. It is called this because that is where your intuition lies. When you aren’t eating healthy, getting enough exercise or if you are constantly stressed, chances are that your gut is not going to be strong.

Having gut pain can mean that your gut feeling is showing you that you aren’t doing the best things for your life. If your gut is always in pain, don’t ignore it and try to trust yourself.

Final Thoughts

Your intuition is important, and it is part of who you are. It can be easy to think that you don’t know what you are feeling or that your feelings are wrong, but your intuition is there to guide you down the right path.

Just because something isn’t based on facts, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. Pay attention to what your gut feeling is telling you. Do you ever have a gut feeling? Have you been listening to it or ignoring it?  Learn to listen better to what your intuition is saying.