Seeing Personalities as an Empath

Personalities as an Empath

A person that is a narcissist has all of the attractive personality traits, in the beginning. They are kind, giving, loving and more but then they turn. This is when you see the true side of them, the jealousy, the anger, and the insecurity. When you are with someone like this, it can cause you to have problems with people that you love such as your family or your friends, even those that you work with.

Narcissist will go after people that will feed them and feed their personality. They want to be around people that are kind and loving so that they can take from them, and they can take all of their energies. They are drawn to psychic people, empaths, and healers because they know that they need their inner child healed. But no matter what you do for them, you will not be able to fix them until they are ready to seek mental health help.

What a Narcissist Thinks

Here is what a narcissist thinks:

  • That they are smart and talented.
  • That they are the best-looking thing.
  • They need to have attention.
  • Have big personalities.
  • Give big gifts.
  • Get angry fast.
  • Wants everything their way.
  • They get jealous easily.
  • They feel threatened when they are questioned.
  • They insult others.
  • Question characters.
  • Argue every point even if they know they are wrong.
  • Build tight group people that stick by them.
  • Sue sensitivity to get more love.
  • Want the focus on them always.
  • Can’t be alone.
  • Will do what they can to get noticed.

Being an Empath

If you are an empath and you are around this type of personality then you will feel tired, drained, you will compromise because you don’t want there to be a fight and you will justify the behavior of this person to everyone that you meet. Here are some other things that you will experience:

  • You can’t get away from them.
  • They are too needy.
  • You have to walk on eggshells with them.
  • You aren’t able to be your true self.
  • You fear upsetting them.
  • You change too much so that you don’t provoke them to anger or other emotional responses.

You are not the one that is in control of making people better or making people act a certain way. Narcissism is something that is on the mental health spectrum, and these are people that aren’t heartless, so to speak, they are just people that need to have inner healing.

It can feel that you are tempted to give them love and attention because you think that you are going to make them feel better but until they are ready to heal their inner child, you are only giving them emotional support that makes them use and hurt you.

They need to seek a therapist in order to heal. If you are an empath, you have to keep your energies strong and protected. You need to set boundaries with this type of personality, or you will be the one that loses who you are.

Be strong and know that you are not responsible for the behavior of everyone else. Don’t justify their behavior. You deserve to be with someone that is balanced and respectful towards you and this will help you to be the best you.