How to Balance and Heal Your Chakras

Heal Your Chakras

Chakras are considered to be a very important thing, especially now days. People know that their chakras are part of ancient wisdom and that the information that they get from their chakras can help them to be balanced or unbalanced.

Healing Your Chakras

You can know if your chakras are balanced by how healthy you are feeling. This goes beyond your body and works with your mind, body and soul.

Many people realize that their chakras are unbalanced, and they are able to do things to manage their chakras and to keep them balanced and strong.


One of the easiest ways to keep your chakras balanced and strong is by meditating. When you do this, you can clear the negative energy out of your life, and you can learn to heal and to be balanced.

Learn to focus on your positive things in your life and get rid of emotional blockages that are holding you back.


You can practice yoga and different poses in order to be balanced in your chakras. Learn to focus your attention as you do yoga to make sure that your chakras are all balanced.

Doing the different postures can help you to get rid of stress and tension out of your body and can help the energy flow freely.

All of your chakras are based around different yoga poses. Look online and find which poses are best for you.


Pranayama is called breathwork and this means that you learn to breathe to help the energy flow in and out of your body. When you do this, you can get rid of blockages in your life.

Learn to breathe deeply in each nostril and let your breath go through your body and your spirit and get rid of stress and anxiety.

Crystals and Stones

There are different crystals that work with different chakras to help clear out negative energy. Use your consciousness to figure out which crystals will help you the best:

  • Root chakra-Garnet or obsidian.
  • Sacral chakra-Amber or topaz.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra-Tiger’s Eye and citrine.
  • Throat Chakra-Aquamarine or Turquoise.
  • Heart chakra-Quartz or malachite.
  • Crown Chakra-clear quarts.
  • Third Eye Chakra-Lapis lazuli or amethyst.

Pick the crystals that work best with your chakra and make sure that your chakras are balanced and strong. Put the crystal close to you when you are meditating or put it under your pillow while you are sleeping at night.

Essential Oils

Use essential oils to balance and strengthen your chakras. You can use different oils based on the different chakras.

You can breathe the oils, or you can use them on your body. Be careful which ones you use on your body and know which ones need to be diluted and mixed before you apply them directly to the skin.