When He Isn’t Worth Your Time

He Isn’t Worth Your Time

When you are with someone, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. You want to give them chances and not waste your time or energy on someone that isn’t putting the effort in the relationship. If you feel that you are in this kind of relationship, it might be time to move on. Find out if he is worth your time or not.

Being Constant

Maybe one day your partner is all about you then out of nowhere he disappears, and you don’t hear from him for a long time. Or maybe he wants to go on twenty dates this week but then you don’t get a date for a long time. Chances are that he isn’t worth your time.

Cancels Plans

A man that likes you will not keep canceling plans on you. If he makes a date with you and then you don’t hear from him till right before the date or he doesn’t show up, he is probably wasting your time.

Hanging Out

Does your partner want to hang out? Does he want to just hang out and you want things to go further? If this is happening, then he probably is not worth your time. There is no point of trying to make things go further if he isn’t about that.

Dating Apps

You should never give your time to someone that isn’t going to delete their dating apps. If it is the first couple of dates, having him delete his app would be off putting but if you have been dating for a few months and you still see that his apps are on there, he isn’t serious about making you, his girlfriend.

Living with Parents

Does he still live with his parents and has no plans of change in the future? His parents probably baby him, feed him, wash his clothes and more. His mom might even act like his made. This is probably someone you don’t want to waste time on.


Pay attention to red flags. If your partner has been cheating in his other relationships, he will probably cheat on you. This means he isn’t worth your time, and you are taking a risk of getting your heart broken.


Don’t date someone that is racist or thinks he is better than other people. Get rid of him right away before you get too deep.

Teaching Him to Partner You

You might need to teach someone to partner you at first but then they should learn to be able to do that on their own. If you have to keep telling your partner how to treat you and he is always making excuses, this is a sign to move on.