Difference Between Wishcraft and Witchcraft

Wishcraft and Witchcraft

There is a huge difference between wishing for something and using witching to make something happen for you.

Wishcraft is someone that wants to see things change and they are people that often claim to be witches. People that are wishers don’t do anything to make things happen and they have little energy in changing or manifesting things to themselves.

They try to make their energy go to a higher vibration or they use witch-light to make it happen.

Wishcraft is something that people talk about in the new age and they are people that want to wish things to change in the world. They are different in how they make things happen such as making vision boards or using pictures on posterboards to make their vibrations higher. This sends out energy to the universe to make wishes come true.

There is nothing wrong with wishing for things and if you want to do this, this is better than doing nothing. People that use wishcraft will make some things happen because they are enlightened, and they are doing things to manifest what they want but they are not witches, and they don’t do those kinds of witch works.

There are different ideas on what witchcraft is and some people think that this is following intuition and being respectful of what you do.


There is a difference between talking about witchcraft and doing it. Being a witch means that you are a certain person that does rituals or practices.

If you are someone that has no magic and doesn’t know how to do rituals or other things, you just go outside and you make a wish to get things to happen, then that is what wishcraft is. This is someone that keeps going back to make witches.

Then there are other people that will do rituals to cleanse their mind and body and they will do rituals that will change their spiritual life. This person has prepared their life by talking to their spirit guides and by learning about magic. They do things to get the spirits to come and they listen for them to respond. That is what witchcraft is.

Not all witchcraft takes a lot of work and some people can use light energy to make things happen. Other people have to use different objects and things but those that do wishcraft are ones that don’t use rituals.

Don’t just hope that the world will change and wish it, if you want to see things actually happen or to see magic happen, you have to be a witch and reach out to the spirit world.


There is a difference between wishers and witches. Witches use rituals and spells in order to make magic happen while wishers just use words and wishes to change things.