Balancing the Energy of the Moon and Sun

Moon and Sun

The moon and the sun have different energies, but people are strongly affected by all of these powers. There are events that might happen in your day that make you feel angry or upset but then at night, chances are you might have a complete turn and feel better. This can happen because in our bodies, the hormones will change depending on rather it is day or night.

People that do yoga experience feelings of happy emotions both in the day and in the night. These feelings can leave them feeling less stressed and happier. Women that are pregnant and take yoga will have better thoughts on childbirth and will have less high-risk pregnancies. Most of the women that are pregnant will go into labor at night and then they will give birth to their child when it gets daylight.

As the hormones change, the moon’s energy changes. This can cause our spiritual self to be different as well. You might feel stronger intuition or a stronger feminine energy when the moon is out. This causes your brain to change as well, and it will be more practical and masculine in the day.

How the Body Works

Our body is controlled by the brain and the funny thing is that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. When the sun is out, it can cause the right side of the brain to work better and when the moon is out, it causes the left side of the brain to work better.

When the right side of the brain is working, it causes people to be more logical and to work harder than they do during the night. When the left side of the brain is working, with the moon phase, it causes people to be more creative and fun.

If you are having a hard time sleeping, it an happen because the left side of the brain is working, and it can make you feel more energetic when it should be a time when the brain is slow and inactive. This can cause you to have stress and cause you to have insomnia.

Trouble sleeping can mean that your left brain is being hyper and if this happens, try to sleep on your right side and plug your right nostril so that only your breath comes through the left side of your nose. This will help calm down the left side of your brain.

Sun and Moon

When you understand that the sun and moon react differently, it can help you to see things in a different way. You can learn to understand that the moon and sun affect your hormones and your whole life and then you can learn to feel better about what is going on.

The moon can make you to feel more romantic and can help you to have a stronger spiritual self. This is the best time to make sure that you are meditating on a daily basis.

Meditating at night should help you to be able to reach a higher spiritual self. When the sun comes out though, this is a time where you can begin to manifest things to your life. You can meditate at this time, and it can help you to get your emotions and your stress under control.

Final Thoughts

You will feel totally different in the day than you do at night. You might even go on a date with the same person at different times of the day and night and find them to act totally different. This has to do with the energies around you.

Allow your energies to flow and understand that there will be times when you are more romantic and times when you will be more practical. Embrace these emotions and allow the energies of the moon and the sun to be celebrated. Celebrate the masculine and feminine energies by balancing your mind and your heart each and every day.