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Be Protected from Negative Energies

Do you feel that your life is surrounded by negativity? If so, you might need to clear out some of this negative energy. There are protection rituals that you can do that can help you to be protected from these energies that surround you. Energies are everywhere and they can stay on things that are in a room where negativity happened. They can be on televisions, couches, and anything in the room. ...[Read More]

Seeing Personalities as an Empath

A person that is a narcissist has all of the attractive personality traits, in the beginning. They are kind, giving, loving and more but then they turn. This is when you see the true side of them, the jealousy, the anger, and the insecurity. When you are with someone like this, it can cause you to have problems with people that you love such as your family or your friends, even those that you work...[Read More]

What Happens When You Ignore Intuition?

Do you ever think something is wrong with you or you keep overthinking things in your life? Everyone has been in a place where they know that something isn’t right but they either ignore it or they know something is right and they choose not to act on it. When this happens, you aren’t following your intuition. Intuition is one of the hardest things that people choose to listen to because it means ...[Read More]

The Dangerous Dark Empath

An empath is someone that is able to understand and feel the feelings of others but a dark empath is able to take these feelings that they feel and manipulate them. A dark empath is someone that has a very dangerous personality type and they hurt others very easily. Being in the Dark Triad is a personality that is someone that can be a narcissist or someone that has no remorse. These people are of...[Read More]

Using Your Sign to Balance the Chakras

Are you feeling down or not feeling yourself? If so, you might need to increase your energies. Do you ever go and ask people for guidance and they bring up the horoscope? You might not realize that you can increase your chakra energy by pairing it with your zodiac sign. You might be someone that knows their sign and knows about chakras but there are ways that you can be holistic and that you can l...[Read More]

Can You Make a Psychic Connection?

People that have strong connections with other people are having a psychic connection. These connections are beneficial to help you to grow and change and can help you to better your life. You can have a psychic connection with different people, and this will give you a spiritual, physical, and emotional bond. You will have benefits in this kind of relationship but there are times things might be ...[Read More]

When He Isn’t Worth Your Time

When you are with someone, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. You want to give them chances and not waste your time or energy on someone that isn’t putting the effort in the relationship. If you feel that you are in this kind of relationship, it might be time to move on. Find out if he is worth your time or not. Being Constant Maybe one day your partner is all about you then out of no...[Read More]

Oracle, Angel, and Tarot Cards

If you are new to psychic readings, you might wonder what the difference is between oracle, angel and tarot cards. The tarot card is the most known and people have been using tarot cards for readings since the 14th century. People that do tarot card readings are generally specialized and sometimes people that know tarot will move on to other cards like the angel and oracle cards. What people like ...[Read More]

Assess Your Actions to Have Peace

Do you feel that your values are not aligned with the beliefs that you have?  This might be a time that you need to take time to evaluate your actions and change how you are living so that you can live your life in peace. There are four ways that you can change the way that you are living and have a better life. When you aren’t acting with spiritual purpose, you can change how you live your life a...[Read More]

Balancing the Energy of the Moon and Sun

The moon and the sun have different energies, but people are strongly affected by all of these powers. There are events that might happen in your day that make you feel angry or upset but then at night, chances are you might have a complete turn and feel better. This can happen because in our bodies, the hormones will change depending on rather it is day or night. People that do yoga experience fe...[Read More]

How Therapy Can Help with Depression

There are millions of adults that suffer from depression in their life. Depression is a mental health issue that is very serious. Depression can be feelings that make someone feel sad and hopeless and this can last a long time. A person that is depressed often stops wanting to do things and they lose interest in things that they once loved to do. A person that is depressed might not enjoy things a...[Read More]

What is an Empath and Are You One?

Someone that has empathy is different than someone that is an empath even though empaths do have empathy for others. Empathy means that you are able to understand the feelings of others but being an empath means that you will have an emotional connection with someone, and you will pick up their emotions and feelings as your own. Even though science has not decided if the term empath is real, peopl...[Read More]

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