Signs You are an Old Soul

Signs You are an Old Soul

Have you ever felt that you are simple, and that life goes by too fast for you? Do you feel that you do not fit in with this world and that you are different? Chances are, if you feel this way, you are an old soul.

Being an old soul is different and it can cause you to look at life differently than others do. This means that you are older than you are in your body and that you have a lot of wisdom.

There are some kids that are very young, and they seem very old and knowledgeable and this is because they are an old soul. Being an old soul can be very beautiful and it can be fun and insightful for you.

If you have felt like you have lived this life over and over again and you have wisdom that you cannot explain, chances are you have lived in a past life. This can mean you are an old soul.

Here are some signs you are an old soul:

Do It Another Way

You will know the way to do things and you will know that there is another way when something doesn’t work, if you are an old soul. You will probably make suggestions that seem outdated, but they will work, and they are the best way to do things.

You will also feel that each problem has a solution, and you have an answer because you hate wasting time and energy.


Maybe you give people advice that seems that you have known things your whole life. What if you are young and you know things? This can mean you are an old soul.

You might know things and aren’t sure why, but you just know. You know that you know it, but you just don’t know where the advice comes from. You have powers to give great advice and everyone listens to you.


Instead of jumping into things, you like to think things through. You need to take time to think things over before you make a choice, and you want to have direction.

You might think things through and realize you don’t want to do them because they leave you feeling uneasy, and most of the time you are right.

Asking Why

When you make a choice, you don’t ask why, you just do it. You don’t waste time trying to make people understand you and you do not have patience for that.

You want to get things done and you learn to trust your gut so that you can make things work.

Going Out

An old soul usually doesn’t like to just go out and it is boring for you. You would rather stay at home and focus on important things in your life.

You will want to experience new things but going out seems pointless and you would rather save your time and money for things that are meaningful.

Old Books

You love classic books and classic movies. You love to read, and you might even sniff the books that you have that are old.

You love old literature because you know that it is valued.

Old Ears

You also like to listen to old music. You own a record player and you probably have music that has been gone for decades.

There are only a few artists that you have heard lately, and you keep your music around the Frank Sinatra’s and other great oldies.

Being Unnecessary

You hate drama and you want to have peace in your life. You do not like stress, and you hate being overly busy. You want to be productive, but you want to put your time in important things.

You spend your hours doing things that are needed to be done.

New People

You love to talk and to listen to people. You want the world to be enriched. This doesn’t mean you love to chat; it just means that you like to hear what other people have to say.

You love to tell stories and listen to stories with people you have just met.


You might be a loner but when you do make friends, you have deep connections. This means you have a few friends that you will stay up all night listening to.


Nothing gets you more excited than learning something new. You want to grow, and growth is part of what you want to accomplish in your life.

Learning motivates you and you will feel accomplished.


You never follow others just to fit in and you have never been a follower. You love to learn new things and meet new people, but you don’t want to do something just because they are doing something.

You never care if you have the latest clothing or devices and you just want to get along in life.

Company of Older Generations

You want to get more wisdom and as much as you can, and you love to hang around people that are older than you. You like to laugh at things people tell you and you love to get their wisdom.

You have less time to hang around people that are immature and you do not have time to be anything but simple.


You are a person that stays calm and you like things to be smooth. You might see everyone else as disconnected but you just are different than others.

You figured out that you cannot get things done when you get too upset so you learn to stop, listen, and stay calm and then make a decision in life.


You have an understanding, and you want to move forward in your life. You know that life is short, and you are ready to move on to a new life.

You want to love, and you want to be happy and you do what you can to make this happen.