10 Ways to Identify a Psychic Child

Identify a Psychic Child

If you suspect your child is spiritually talents, they probably are!  We have identified ten common traits for highly psychic children.

  1. Empathic tendencies: Your child may be attuned to the energy of others.  Yet, be cautious they don’t overwhelm too easily or drastically.  Help them learn how to work with their intuitive skills so that they can practice appropriate self-care and self-protection, while still helping others.
  2. Acutely aware of surroundings: Just as emotional stimuli can overwhelm an empath, so to can one’s environmental have an impact on a person.  Your child may work hard to avoid loud noises or crowds.  Be respectful if you child points out bad energy surrounding a place and work with them to find a more peaceful setting or appropriate coping tools.  Allow them space everyday to recharge by themselves with activities like listening to calm music, writing, coloring, reading, or physical activities.
  3. Strong and accurate instincts about people or places: There is no fooling any psychic, and especially a psychic kid.  They will see far beyond the surface to the true essence of any living being, and will quickly spot any lie or insincerity.  Never tell an intuitive that things are fine when are far from it!
  4. Communicates with spiritual beings or deceased loved ones: Psychic children have a magnetic pull to spiritual figures like Jesus or Buddha and may tell you they talk to them daily or want to buy items with their image.  It is important to consider that when you see them talking to an imaginary friend, they may actually be communicating with their Spirit Guide, a spiritual being that walks with us throughout our life to help us spiritually grow.  Be empowered to ask your child questions about their imaginary friend or to draw a photo of them.  Similarly, intuitive kids have the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, even if they have never met in this lifetime.  Again, ask them questions and work with them to honor this connection while strengthening their skills.
  5. Remembering a past life: Its common for psychic children to recall events or surroundings from their previous life.  Watch out for statements like “I used to be their father,” recalling previous activities, or drawing a picture of a former home.
  6. Kinship with animals: Empaths value animals like no other group of people.  This is because of the unconditional love and pure loving energy these animals provide, which draw empaths to them like magnets.
  7. Incredibly compassionate: Psychic children are especially loving and kind, to the point people may remark about how they feel better after spending time with them.  Notice if your child’s teachers have a soft spot for them and remark on their helpfulness in the classroom.
  8. Prefer time at home to being at school: Due to their sensitivity to their environments, psychic children may find school too overstimulating on an energetic level.  This constant overexposure to energy may cause your child to develop ADD, ADHD, or mental health disorders.  Consider adopting the practice of having your child shower and change into fresh clothes immediately after school to wash off all the excess energy!
  9. Difficulty sleeping: Sleep can be problematic for intuitive kids due to vivid dreams, nightmares, or restless sleep.  Work with your child to develop a bedtime and morning ritual that works best for your whole family.
  10. Endless creativity: Intuitive people are highly right-brained, while analytical functions like math, are left-brained.  Creativity also is governed by the right brain so encourage your child to explore creative outlets to help process the spiritual messages they receive.