What is Shadow Work and How is it Spiritual?

Shadow Work and How is it Spiritual

Shadow work is a spiritual thing, and you can do this shadow work to make yourself stronger. Shadow work is a spiritual process where you look at the things inside of you that you reject and see as something bad. These are the dark sides of people and the ones that are challenging to most.

One hard part of shadow work is to figure out what your shadow is and know it. When you can identify your shadow, you can learn to see yourself and work through things in a loving way. You can learn to accept what is going on in your life and to strengthen yourself.

Once you begin doing shadow work, you will learn to love who you are completely and have unconditional love for your life in all situations.

This is the prize you get for doing shadow work and this is the main and ultimate purpose. Once you love yourself unconditionally, you can learn to love others as well. This is the time where you can learn to find peace and love in your life and not worry about being accepted or other people loving you.

Shadow work helps you to find love for yourself and this will give you peace. This is why shadow work is such a powerful tool when you want to grow.

Figuring out your shadow is not painful. Everyone has parts of themselves that they do not want to face and that they want to reject.

Shadow Work for Beginners

You must first figure out what your shadow is. This means that you figure out what parts of yourself that you are rejecting, and you learn to talk positively to yourself. You can do this when you meditate.

Here are three ways that you can find your shadow:

  • During meditation. This is a time where you can calm your mind and find out your inner child and what you are fighting against in your life.
  • Dreams can help you to know your shadow self and if you keep having dreams that are the same then you can find out if this is your shadow self.
  • When someone criticizes you and you reject it. This is something that probably is real inside of you that you need to figure out.

You can figure out your shadow self by looking at yourself as your mind sees you. What parts of yourself do you tend to hide and do not want to talk about? Do you dream about these things? Look at the things that most people criticize you for.

Maybe you think that people look down on you because you are sensitive. Sensitivity can be a flaw if you have too much or too little of it.

Hold Your Shadow

Once you know what your shadow is, embrace it. Hold on to it and learn to figure out why you have this.  Find out why this side of you is bad and what beliefs that you have that you are using to protect yourself.

To hold on to your shadow you must:

  • Forgive yourself for what you have done. Learn to forgive yourself and others by saying, “Thank you for helping me find the parts of me that need fixing. Thank you for helping me to identify these things.”
  • Visualize the things that other people have said about you and things that have made you feel rejected.
  • Know that you can hold your shadow and that your shadow is an asset in your life.

Change your shadow words into something else. If you are too sensitive, change it to strongly attuned to the energy world.

Doing this can help you to have value in your shadow self and help you to embrace it. This can bring you energy and help you to have answers for yourself and others along the way.

This is how you take something negative and make it a positive. You can embrace the shadow self as a negative thing, or you can figure out how you can change areas of your life to make it better.

Look at your shadow and find how it can help you in the things that you are doing in your life. Learn to love yourself and to respect who you are.

The shadow part of you normally has some kind of skill that can help you in your life so when you feel love and cared for, you will see that you can use this shadow self to apply it to your life in a good way. You can find your shadow as valued and you can see that it is really a gift.

This can help you to see that everyone has a shadow and that sometimes it can be energy that will help you to live a better life.

You can look at your shadow and apply things to it such as:

Before you start something, you need to talk about how valued you are. You need to make sure that you are working to be successful and strong.


It is important that you learn to identify and hold on to the shadow part of yourself that you have pushed away. Learn to figure out what others see in you that can be your shadow work and then apply it to something that is a skill that can help you.

Seal your shadow work and see yourself as valuable no matter how others see you. When you get done with your shadow work, you can hold on to it and you can see that this can be a strength to you.

If someone wants to hurt you, tell yourself that this is part of your shadow work and that you can apply it to yourself to help you when you want to. If someone talks about you for embracing your shadow self, allow them to say what they want and still remain positive.

Do shadow work so that you can love yourself unconditionally and love others. You have to accept who you are and know that everyone has a shadow self, where many just have not accepted it.

Once you find peace, know that this is what matters. Finding your peace is worth every bit of work that you have to do.