Gut Instincts not to Ignore

Gut Instincts not to Ignore

Do you ever have a funny feeling or a tingle that you know that you shouldn’t ignore? Most of us have experienced some kind of gut feeling that made us know something without being able to explain it. This can be something like stopping at a green light and missing getting hit or choosing to break up with someone that you don’t really know and then meeting someone that is perfect for you. When you have a feeling, you need to listen.

Maybe you wish that you could have this feeling coming to you all the time, especially when it works out best for you. Maybe it includes having butterflies in your stomach or your hair on your arms standing up, but you know something is going on.

Some researchers believe that intuition is a real thing. They believe that your brain is able to read the things around you and that your conscious mind is then able to engage in it. The body can then take the information and know something is happening without being aware of what is going on.

Some call this the “feel approach” because there are dopamine neurons that change and alert you when something is going on that you cannot mentally see.

This means if the environment is different or changed, your brain gives you dopamine and gives you a strange feeling. If you listen to it or you choose not to is what can make a huge difference in your life. The signals will help you if you listen.

Some believe that when you listen to your intuition that it can change your life and save you even from death. It also allows you to be more passionate.

The gut feelings that you get is your brains idea of showing you things that you should be weary of and to help you to react to things around you.

Trusting Your Gut

How do you learn to trust your gut feeling? You have to take your intuition and your rational thinking and put them together. If your mind tells you not to act on something, you need to decide how you should react.

Gut Feelings in Your Body

If you listen to your body, you can often tell when something isn’t right with your health. Intuition allows you to be warned that something isn’t right.

Your body will talk to you and give your insight and your intuition can help you to find something wrong so that you know how to handle it. If you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right in your body, listen to it or it can be bad for you. Some people ignore this and then find out that their problems become major.

Physical symptoms can also help you and if you become less energetic and your intuition tells you to pay attention, then do it. It doesn’t mean that you are sleepy, and your body is able to communicate with you on what you need to listen to and what you can ignore.

Your nervous system is sometimes called the second brain, and this is because your intuition is usually in your stomach and in your chest. This allows you to have intuition to help you to listen better.

Being in Danger

Sometimes, your intuition can give you a pain to show you that you shouldn’t be around a certain person. If you feel this, chances are that you are around someone that is dangerous or someone that might hurt you.

Your brain will likely sense irregularities and you can see from their behavior who they are and see that this person is not someone that is good for you. Your intuition allows you to face people and to see what they are all about.

Human nature helps us to listen and to pay attention and social conditioning is something that can cause you to miss your intuition. We are taught to listen to first impressions and sometimes a first impression is not accurate and if you do not listen to your intuition, something bad can happen.


Your gut instinct is not there just to have you avoid danger or to make good choices, it can also be there to help you help others. We are people that want to help others and support them. Having sympathy and compassion should be part of your life and if you have this, your instincts will kick in when you see someone in need.

Sympathy is a basic human instinct and when you pay attention to it, it helps you to see what other people are feeling. We can look at people for visual cues such as their body language and their facial expressions and see what they are feeling but there are also subtle things that we sometimes miss.

When we can use empathy, we can learn to help others such as donating or working at a soup kitchen. We can look at pictures and find people that we want to help and when we “read” pain on someone, we feel this in our brain so that we can be generous to them.

When the brain learns that generosity brings pleasure, it can happen over and over again to bring you joy and to improve your mood.


Sometimes you will have developed intuition and it will help you to know how to do something. Maybe you never drove before but you automatically get behind the wheel and feel like you have been doing it forever, or maybe you are able to whip up a dish without even thinking about it.

Sometimes you are able to train yourself to do things that you do not know how to do by using rational thought and by developing your intuition. You can listen to your instincts and override logic and this can help you to do better.

Once you develop your intuition, you will learn that you can see your mistakes coming and learn to trust yourself better and be in more control of your emotions.

When you are tempted not to listen to your gut feeling, do not be distracted by something that could be life changing for you. Engage in your conscious mind and look at what is going on around you.

Great Idea

Most people have some feelings that they just know are right. This could be someone they want to date or a career choice that they made. Many people remember things and have stories about how their best decisions in their life were just something they knew.

Your intuition will help you to know that you found something or someone that is perfect for you. Your intuition will signal you and if you choose to ignore it, you will have conflict.

When you are making a big decision, you have to learn to listen to your gut. This can help you to make decisions based on your gut feeling and your conscious thought. You need to think less about it though and embrace how it makes you feel.

The rational mind does not always allow us to make choices, but it decides something right away because of logic. You can decide to not listen to your logic and go with your gut and you can make decisions without being too overwhelmed.

You can make big choices and you can get information from your body and find out that you are listening to the right voices in your mind. Stop overthinking things because doing this will lead you to make bad choices.

Use your gut instinct when you have to make a big decision in your life because this can improve your life and who you are. This can allow you to find good relationships and make good job choices because you are being smart about what decisions you make.

What Does a Gut Feeling Look Like?

Here are some things that a gut feeling can look and feel like:

  • Goosebumps
  • Tingling sensations
  • Butterfly feelings in your stomach.
  • Being able to breathe easier.
  • Feeling warm.
  • Relaxing in your gut.

Negative Warnings of Your Gut Feeling:

  • Cold hands
  • Cold feet
  • Nausea
  • Acid in your stomach
  • Tiredness
  • No energy
  • Headache