May’s Astrological Star Signs

Astrological Star Signs

Astrology has a number of critical components including the position of the sun, stars, and moon during the moment of a person’s birth.  This practice helps reveal a person’s character, fortune, and romances within the span of a few minutes.  There is a reason why so many individuals turn to the 12 constellations of the zodiac to learn more about their fate or how to process a situation.  Many ancient cultures practiced some form of astrology, with the most famous being Chinese, Vedic or Tibetan traditions.

Exploring May’s Astrological Star Signs

May is a month focused on faith and springtime.  Therefore, it’s a popular month for people to focus on fun and enjoyment in an array of activities thanks the month’s warm and sunny weather.  The month host many holidays including May Day, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo that prioritize time with loved ones.

There are two zodiac signs, Taurus and Gemini, that occur in May.  Tauruses are earth-signs born from May 1st to the 20th and are known for being realistically minded.  Geminis are air-signs born from May 21st to the 31st.  They are regarded as being easily adaptable in any social setting.

Taurus – The Bull

These individuals prefer to be in relaxed or calm settings with trusted friends enjoying pleasant and passionate aromas or flavors.  Being ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus thrive in settings of love, beauty, and bounty.  They strive for luxury and comfort, but have a realistic view of the world.  Hard work is essential to any Taurean, who hopes to use their efforts to obtain large rewards and a comfortable life filled with luxury items.  It is fitting that the bull is the symbol for both Taurus and Wall Street since both value risk-taking to gain big rewards.  Both find risk to be fun instead of overwhelming.  Taureans prioritize saving money for the future so they can purchase items of quality rather than finding a deal.

Gemini – The Twins

Twins have similar traits, but distinct personalities.  It is fitting that Gemini is an air sign, a category of people who are smart, sharp-witting and quicker thinking than others.  Geminis must be careful their mindset doesn’t accidentally drag them down or suddenly blurting out thoughts in inappropriate settings or spilling secrets.  Geminis are versatile, youthful, and curious people who are loyal friends and an asset to any festivity.  They enjoy writing and talking about their feelings and thoughts, so it makes sense they are frequent social media contributors.  Ruled by the planet Mercury, this sign is known for fast talking people who wield their words as weapons during discussions or disagreements.  Thus, a Gemini can be a loyal friend, but a formidable foe.

Impact of May Star Signs

Both Taurus and Gemini have a number of strong traits that can be both blessings and a curse.  With Taurus the focus on money is a double edge sword, whereas Gemini’s communication skills must be harnessed properly.

Having a zodiac sign doesn’t set your destiny in stone.  You can work hard to change your situation or fate.  Your star sign is merely a tendency towards a type of personality and doesn’t mean you are better or worse than anyone else.  It is important that in all your actions you respect everyone’s points of view and ideologies.  Although Taurus reflects money and loyalty, while Gemini is consistent with an array of thoughts on any situation that this sign eagerly wants to share with others, it is fair to say that being born in May is a wonderful opportunity to grow connections and fulfill your dreams through consistent hard work.