Using Meditation to Heal the Chakras

Using Meditation to Heal the Chakras

If you aren’t very spiritual or into things other cultures believe, chances are that you might not understand things. Maybe you have never believed in Buddhism and you thought that it was just for others and you never thought about really connecting to nature. Maybe you didn’t like New Age things and you thought Hinduism was too hard to understand.

Chances are if you know about any of this stuff then you know about things such as meditation and other types of energies. Maybe you know about chakras, or maybe you wish to know more.


The chakras are thought to be the energy wheel in your body, and it flows down your spine and from your head to your feet. This is a place where the energy moves and flows and allows you to be well in your mind, body, and soul.

Your body is full of energy and you will have a vibrational frequency if you are a person or an object. But what happens if you feel that your energy is stuck, and you feel that you are not safe and that you cannot say what you are feeling?

You need to learn to love and heal yourself and have self-love so that you can allow other love to come to you. Some of the chakra meditations that you can do can help you to be more open and confident in your life.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is found at the bottom of the spine and it goes into a triangle. This is a symbol that means a connection to the earth and the lotus. In different beliefs, this can mean an awakening in your spirit or the rebirth.

The Root chakra is there to help you to feel strong and safe and when it is balanced, you will feel strong and grounded.

If you don’t feel that you are safe and you are not able to talk about truthful things, your Root chakra might be unbalanced, and it can cause sickness in your body.

If you want to balance your chakra, you need to meditate and find a quiet place where you can concentrate on your energies.

Try to look online and find different Root Chakra meditations that you can use.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is shaped like a flower or a crescent and it is based on your emotions. This is found in your lower abdomen and your genital areas.

This chakra has to do with sexuality and with creativity, so it needs to be balanced.

Try to look online to find Sacral chakra meditations that you can use.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is a chakra that is located in the upper abdomen and it is where your diaphragm is. This is connected to the sun and to power and is a masculine chakra.

When you are having balance in your Solar Plexus, you are powerful, and you are able to make decisions with confidence.

This chakra helps you to be honest and to know your higher purpose.

Try to look online and find Solar Plexus chakra meditations that you can use.

When you balance your Solar Plexus, you will be able to find out what you want and what you can do to feel safe and to have rest in your life. This is also the key to opening up your heart chakra.

Heart Chakra

This chakra is located in the center of your chest and intersects. This deals with harmony in your mind and your body.

When your Heart chakra is balanced, you will be able to connect with others and have compassion for other people. You will be able to forgive others and have unconditional love.

When the Heart chakra is unbalanced, you will feel jealous and unforgiveness and you will be closed off to others. This chakra is associated with the element of air and helps you to balance and be light.

Some of the Heart Chakra meditations include:

  • Pranayama breathing which means to breathe in and out of the nose and doing it slowly and holding your breath for a few seconds before releasing.
  • Tibetian Singing bowl chakras.
  • Find others online

Throat Chakra

This chakra is found in the throat and is represented of growth and petals of a flower. This is associated with the blue color and can help you when it is balanced to be able to talk and to tell the truth.

This is also called the fifth chakra and has to do with your creativity and to help you find truth and love.

When this chakra is not balanced, you are not able to listen or to tell the truth. You may also have problems with speaking in public or connecting with your purpose.

Find Throat Chakra meditations online that you can use to balance your chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

The feminine chakra of the third eye is characterized by dark blue or indigo and is found in the middle of your forehead. This has a triangle symbol and helps you to be wise and to reach your spiritual being.

When this chakra is balanced, you can create ideas on your own and use critical thinking. You can try to do things such as chanting and doing “om” sounds in order to reach your higher self.

When unbalanced, the Third Eye chakra does not allow you to follow your intuition or it hear from your higher powers. You need to make sure that you meditate to keep this chakra open because you need to get the information that the universe has for you.

Find Third Eye chakra meditations online to help you stay balanced.

Crown Chakra

The last chakra, or the seventh chakra is found on the top of your heard. This is acknowledged by the color purples and can help you to connect with the spirit world. When this chakra is balanced, you can have love and power.

If you are seeing signs and visions, chances are that you are connecting to the spirit world and when this is open and balanced, you can do that more.

Find Crown Chakra meditations online that can help you to keep this chakra open.


You can find different ways to heal depending on the cultures that you seek out and the things that you believe. When you look at your spiritual being, you need to understand that the earth also has chakra centers that reach out beyond your body.

Knowing things about the chakra can help you to find out what you want to in life and in that culture and help you to find out what you believe in.