The Dangerous Dark Empath

Dangerous Dark Empath

An empath is someone that is able to understand and feel the feelings of others but a dark empath is able to take these feelings that they feel and manipulate them. A dark empath is someone that has a very dangerous personality type and they hurt others very easily.

Being in the Dark Triad is a personality that is someone that can be a narcissist or someone that has no remorse. These people are often manipulative, and they have negative traits but are also empaths.

Empaths are sensitive to the world around them and they are able to know the emotions that people have. When you are an empath and you are picking up the emotions of people, chances are that you will feel drained.

There is a difference between a dark empath and an empath because a dark empath has high cognitive empathy which means that they are able to pick up the emotions that people have.

An empath is someone that has a lot of empathy and they are able to put themselves in the shoes of other people.

Dark Empath Evilness

Some people might think that a dark empath is evil, but they are still empaths and they are able to still understand the people around them. Empath will have shame and they will feel fear and worry but they are able to also help others.

There are some positive things about dark empaths such as the jobs that they take on. Many dark empaths are people that are homicide detectives. They are able to find out things with their emotions and to be in highly emotional situations while keeping their cool.

It is hard to see or to spot a dark empath because they are able to hide their dark side and they can be very tricky to other people. When you see the warnings of these kind of people though, you can protect yourself.

Signs of a Dark Empath

  • Narcissist

Being a narcissist is one of the traits of a dark empath. They are people that don’t like to be rejected and they are very prideful. They think they are better than everyone else.

  • Manipulation

Another trait of a dark empath is that they are very manipulative. They are able to know the emotions that you are having and they can persuade people to do whatever they want.

  • Very Sociable

People that are dark empaths are very sociable. They will sit with other people and will make new friends because they have good social skills, but they are always harming others along the way.

  • Power-Hungry

People that are dark empaths are very power hungry. They want to have all of the power and they want to boss people around.

  • Make You Feel Guilty

A dark empath will make you feel guilty and will make you feel that everything is your fault even when it isn’t. They don’t care what other people think or feel.

  • Malicious

Dark empaths will come and make jokes out of things that are destructive. They will use jokes to put people down and make them feel bad about themselves.

Final Thoughts

A dark empath is someone that is very hurtful and very dangerous. They are able to take whatever they are given and turn it into something negative. Even though they do have some positive qualities, you have to watch out for their negativity if you want to be successful in your life.