What to do When You Have a Captive Spirit

Captive Spirit

A captive spirit is something that some have experienced but not many people really discuss. This is someone that needs to have inner healing and can happen from childhood or something traumatic that happened in someone’s life. This means that they have a process to bind their emotions with their life and this involves the soul coming to help heal the spirit.

Having a captive spirit can be hurtful and you can have a hard time living this kind of life. If you were born in a bad home without love, the captive spirit could have taken over and now you are living with it in the present.

People that have captive spirits are often able to feel things deeper than others and have strong emotions. This is not because they are not intuitive but because they feel that they are trapped.

Do you have a captive spirit? How do you know?

Symptoms of a Captive Spirit in Life

Here are some things that you might feel if you have a captive spirit:


You feel that you are always missing something, but you can never tell what it is.


You have people around you, but you always feel alone.


You get upset and frustrated with your giftings and you feel that you cannot express yourself.


You get mad because of things you cannot control. This happens because you feel separate from your life.


Do you feel that you are upset and disconnected from the world around you? You might feel like you are in a prison.


Do you feel confused or foggy? Do you feel that you are not able to understand what is going on in your life?

Held Captive

If you feel that you are bound or something is holding you back, this can be separating you from your peace.


Someone with a captive spirit sometimes forgets things easily. They check out of their life because the pain is too hard to handle.

How did You Get a Captive Spirit?

This can happen to you if you were neglected or abused as a child. Children that are older will learn to cope when they have to, and they often will disconnect. Infants cannot do this, and they suffer when it happens at a very young age.

Parents and Nurturing

It is up to the parent to nurture and take care of the child. It is their job, and their authority is over both the soul and the body. When they aren’t there, the soul weakens, and they are unable to be strong and so they just fight to survive.

The soul will be there to cause you to live a better life if you listen but if not, it will lead you down a road where you will get into unhealthy habits. This can be sexual habits or addiction.

Children that are feral because they are neglected often have a hard time loving other people. They will sometimes be better off with animals and this is how they connect with the spirit.

Healing from a Captive Spirit

If you want to heal form a captive spirit, you have to learn to make a way to heal. You can do inner healing and you can take over your captive spirit. You can get rid of things that are broken in your life and find freedom.

Here are some ways you can do this:

Face the Pain

You have to learn to face the pain that you had in your past. Your life can have joy, but you have to accept the pain and heal from it.

Taking Risks

Another thing that you will have to do is take risks. This means loving people and doing things that you are afraid of.

Find Your Pain Threshold

You need to connect with your spirit in a way that you can understand your bad feelings. The pain will leave eventually, and you will find peace and joy.

Have Good Times

Have good times and make good memories with yourself and people you love. Doing this can help you to grow and move on from the pain in your life.

You can overcome your captive spirit and you can grow. You have to first expose what is holding you back and learn to face your suffering. Doing this will help you to know what is inside of you and help you to remove the barriers that you are left with.

Learn to overcome your spirit and find a way to grow and to flourish in your life with peace and happiness.