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What is Shadow Work and How is it Spiritual?

Shadow work is a spiritual thing, and you can do this shadow work to make yourself stronger. Shadow work is a spiritual process where you look at the things inside of you that you reject and see as something bad. These are the dark sides of people and the ones that are challenging to most. One hard part of shadow work is to figure out what your shadow is and know it. When you can identify your sha...[Read More]

Using Psychic Tools to Help You Get Strong

Psychics depend on different styles when they do readings and many of them will use different kinds of tools to enhance their reading skills. Every psychic has a different way that they do their readings, and their readings are based on energies and sometimes psychics will use things that bring different energies into the mix. Psychic readings are as old as the 19th century and there are things th...[Read More]

Difference Between Wishcraft and Witchcraft

There is a huge difference between wishing for something and using witching to make something happen for you. Wishcraft is someone that wants to see things change and they are people that often claim to be witches. People that are wishers don’t do anything to make things happen and they have little energy in changing or manifesting things to themselves. They try to make their energy go to a higher...[Read More]

Spiritual Awakenings: The What and Why

Going through a spiritual awakening is intense. It can be beautiful, but also a highly confusing experience in your life. Spiritual awakenings tend to occur when we least expect them so it is impossible to plan or predict what or when one may occur. When a spiritual awakening does occur, your life is typically turned upside down, but you will feel wonderful from the transitory experience. Why Does...[Read More]

Learning to Accept Your Shadow Self

Many people think they know themselves. They have an image of themselves in their mind they are sure is correct. There is a big problem with that. Most of how people see themselves is based on indirect and direct information they have absorbed throughout their lives. They do things and that goes into their view of themselves. People say things and that also goes into developing their view of thems...[Read More]

What is a Night Affirmation?

Affirmations are mantras that you can use to help you to feel more positive in your life. These are phrases or words that you repeat over and over again, and they can help set a mood or can help you to attract good energy in your life. Affirmations are positive things that you can say that can help you to meditate and help you to be happy and to promote a feeling of calmness. The words that you sa...[Read More]

10 Ways to Identify a Psychic Child

If you suspect your child is spiritually talents, they probably are!  We have identified ten common traits for highly psychic children. Empathic tendencies: Your child may be attuned to the energy of others.  Yet, be cautious they don’t overwhelm too easily or drastically.  Help them learn how to work with their intuitive skills so that they can practice appropriate self-care and self-protection, ...[Read More]

Understanding Clairvoyance Readings

Psychics rely on gifts like extrasensory perception (ESP) to receive messages from the spirit world including clairvoyance, or clear sight.  This skill empowers a reader to gain insight or see objects, animals, and people across time and space.  In certain cases, a clairvoyant can determine the emotions of a person or animal.  This type of psychic also is trained to sense past or future events. Cl...[Read More]

May’s Astrological Star Signs

Astrology has a number of critical components including the position of the sun, stars, and moon during the moment of a person’s birth.  This practice helps reveal a person’s character, fortune, and romances within the span of a few minutes.  There is a reason why so many individuals turn to the 12 constellations of the zodiac to learn more about their fate or how to process a situation.  Many anc...[Read More]

Connecting with Your Higher Self

There are many practical ways that you can connect with your higher self. Life is not something that has an instruction manual, but we all have things built inside of us that help to guide us and lead us where we need to go. The inner self is how we learn, and some people are disconnected from this inner self, and it makes it hard for them to reach their higher self. Once you learn to connect with...[Read More]

What to do When You Have a Captive Spirit

A captive spirit is something that some have experienced but not many people really discuss. This is someone that needs to have inner healing and can happen from childhood or something traumatic that happened in someone’s life. This means that they have a process to bind their emotions with their life and this involves the soul coming to help heal the spirit. Having a captive spirit can be hurtful...[Read More]

Using Meditation to Manifest Love

Are you wanting to manifest love in your life? Chances are you have used crystals to help you do this, but the idea of manifesting can be something that confuses you. This can even make you feel angry or sad. When you add some crystals, it can help you to open up your mind and your heart and listen to the energies around you. If you want to attract love in your life, try crystal meditation to mani...[Read More]