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Using Meditation to Heal the Chakras

If you aren’t very spiritual or into things other cultures believe, chances are that you might not understand things. Maybe you have never believed in Buddhism and you thought that it was just for others and you never thought about really connecting to nature. Maybe you didn’t like New Age things and you thought Hinduism was too hard to understand. Chances are if you know about any of this stuff t...[Read More]

Gut Instincts not to Ignore

Do you ever have a funny feeling or a tingle that you know that you shouldn’t ignore? Most of us have experienced some kind of gut feeling that made us know something without being able to explain it. This can be something like stopping at a green light and missing getting hit or choosing to break up with someone that you don’t really know and then meeting someone that is perfect for you. When you...[Read More]

Signs You are an Old Soul

Have you ever felt that you are simple, and that life goes by too fast for you? Do you feel that you do not fit in with this world and that you are different? Chances are, if you feel this way, you are an old soul. Being an old soul is different and it can cause you to look at life differently than others do. This means that you are older than you are in your body and that you have a lot of wisdom...[Read More]

What to Do When You Are Grieving

A spiritual medium is there to help you talk to your loved ones that have died. Your medium is there to help you talk to those that have passed over and when they meditate, they can talk to their guides and ask them to help to spread the message. Some mediums can feel the emotions and the personality of the spirits that they talk to and they can then give the message to those who are looking for a...[Read More]

Signs That Your Soul is Speaking

For so many that believe the soul is our truth, it can be a struggle. This is because society and our lives in general are pulling us away from our deepest truths that lie within our souls. Our souls are hungry and in need of nourishment in order to thrive. So many feel this as a need to shed preconceived, outdated notions about success so we can be happy. When we get to this point it is actually ...[Read More]

What is Your Twin Flame Age Difference?

Do you and your twin flame have a huge gap between your ages? If you are wondering why you are so attracted to someone that is either much younger or much older, the gap is really there to prove to you that the universe has sent your twin flame. This can be a twin flame sign. Age Difference There can be a small or huge age gap between you and your twin flame but there is often an age gap. This can...[Read More]

How to Use Positive Affirmations

What if someone walked up to you and told you that you were fat or ugly. What would you say? What would you react like? Would you feel angry or confused?  Would you wonder if you were really fat or ugly? Now, imagine that someone comes up to you and says the complete opposite and tells you how beautiful that you are. How would that make you feel?  Would you feel happy and would you be able to acce...[Read More]

Clearing Energy Blocks

Start by reviewing the following list: Tired Lethargic Stuck Negativity Lack of direction Easily triggered Headaches Aches and pains Poor immunity Stress Anxiety Low energy Constant hunger Low or extremely high libido Irritability Repeating of the same mistakes Digestive issues Ascension symptoms All of these are signs of energy blocks that manifest as physical symptoms. Our bodies are a network o...[Read More]

Attracting Your Twin Flame and Signs and Stages

Most people know what a soulmate is and maybe you are one of the people that have dreamed of meeting your soulmate. Chances are though, you gave up and you just see it as a fantasy and believe that you will never be in the relationship that you want to be in. The truth is soulmates do exist, but you can form even deeper connections with people, and this is called twin flames. A twin flame relation...[Read More]

Calling Money To Yourself

When you want to manifest money to yourself, you must remember that the Law of Attraction plays a huge role in whatever you need to bring into your life. Manifest money is not any different than manifesting love, happiness, peace, or anything else that you want to have. Since money can be a huge stress and worry for some, people often realize that they do not make enough money and the things that ...[Read More]

How to Connect With Your Pets

Chances are you have lost a pet that you love. You might think about your pet and miss them. Maybe you miss your pet coming into say hi to you when you get home after a long day or maybe you miss taking them out for a walk like you have for many evenings before. If you have ever had a pet, then you have experienced the love and compassion that your kept has shown you. You will understand that your...[Read More]

Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strength?

There are four spiritual gifts available, but most people have one that is the strongest. Each of these will be described below to help you find your strength. For example, if you know something is wrong before anyone says a word or are able to detect lies or when someone is upset or even get a gut feeling toward a certain decision, then this is intuition. We are all born with intuition to help us...[Read More]