Signs That Your Soul is Speaking

Signs That Your Soul is Speaking

For so many that believe the soul is our truth, it can be a struggle. This is because society and our lives in general are pulling us away from our deepest truths that lie within our souls. Our souls are hungry and in need of nourishment in order to thrive. So many feel this as a need to shed preconceived, outdated notions about success so we can be happy. When we get to this point it is actually an exciting transitional time, but it is also one filled with challenges. People may experience a dark period of the soul as they come to realize we are spiritual beings that are experiencing human existence. Still this is necessary for soul evolution.

Without some kind of roadmap, we may feel lost and uncertain of who we are in life or even who we are meant to be. Some people may talk about this as knowing that things need to change, but not sure where to start or where to go. Still, for most the answer is the same. We must shift our focus from all our roles in life and more toward greater fulfillment in spirituality. This is not forgetting all our roles, but giving focus to what is needed to align with the authentic self. This shift is a call from the soul that we should listen to so we can begin to thrive. If we ignore this call, we can suffer physically and emotionally. The soul is willing to go to great lengths to gain our attention.

Signs the Soul is Speaking

If your soul is speaking to you, there are signs that appear for the majority, these are shared below.

  • You start having a nagging feeling that the things you have and do materially are not satisfying and that something is missing.
  • You want to do something greater than yourself that is in service to others, to make a difference.
  • You feel a deep desire to express something through yourself that stems from within. You may not know what it is, but you know you are seeking.
  • You know your roles and that they serve a purpose, but no longer want to be defined by them. You may want to seek a purpose.
  • You long for meaningful relationships that are authentic in nature and in which you can share your new emerging self with others who are doing the same.
  • You sense something needs to change in your life for authenticity which could include relationships, your profession, beliefs, or even filling free time.
  • You become curious about creating deeper connections to something beyond yourself and realize that spiritual laws are at work even if you cannot yet tap into them.
  • You may notice shifting values and new ones that come to light which may cause you to rearrange priorities.
  • You may have some discomfort as you are drawn to the unknown without a clear understanding of what the process will create or how things will unfold.
  • Above all, you have a desire to be aligned with your authentic self even if you are not sure what that is at the moment.

Learning to understand the soul’s language and how it sends messages is a challenge. Adding to this is the need to understand the awakening soul and what needs changed or corrected in our thinking. This is not a psychological problem, but a soul issue that needs to be dealt with to live a better life. Your soul is crying out for nourishment. If your soul is speaking to you, it is normal and beautiful, even if there is uncertainty. Make the necessary changes, even if you are afraid so you can find inner peace and fulfillment.