Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strength?

Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strength?

There are four spiritual gifts available, but most people have one that is the strongest. Each of these will be described below to help you find your strength. For example, if you know something is wrong before anyone says a word or are able to detect lies or when someone is upset or even get a gut feeling toward a certain decision, then this is intuition. We are all born with intuition to help us understand the unseen things of the world. All it requires is tapping into this ability and learning to use it. Most of us are familiar with the five basic senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, but we also have four spiritual senses, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, to help us with intuitive functionality.

How They Work


Clairvoyance is known as clear seeing or the ability to see future life events in the spiritual or physical world. This could also be recognizing auras. The strong ability to analyze body language or “see” through people when they lie, then this is clairvoyance. Some clairvoyants have vivid, prophetic dreams or see spirits and orbs. These individuals will want to have face to face contact prior to a purchase. They often remember faces and details clearly.


Clairaudience is known as clear hearing or the ability to hear voices and receive messages from the spirit world. This is hearing beyond the words said. Clairaudients can analyze the thoughts of others well, but may suffer from ringing in the ears. These individuals are typically attuned to spirit guides or the higher self and are auditory learners.


Clairsentience is known as clear feeling or the ability to know how someone feels without them saying a word, This can extend to knowing when someone is in trouble or something is wrong. Sometimes, these individuals feel tingly for no reason. They are called empaths and can easily tune into the emotions of others. They are also extremely sensitive to the energy of others and can become drained when around large groups.


Claircognizance is known as clear knowing and is “knowing” something with no physical proof. There is often a feeling of déjà vu as sudden insights are received about the past, present, or future. Claircognizants often know what others will say and can share on topics they know little about because they are so attuned to the higher self. They tend to be analytical and good at abstract understanding.

Most people have a combination of all the gifts, but one stands out above the others. Claircognizance and clairsentience are the most common, but the exercises below will help you find your strongest gift overall.

Think You’re Clairvoyant

Try closing your eyes and visualizing your body in the position it is currently in, whether sitting down or lying down. What does it look like in a detailed manner? Think of everything from the clothes you are wearing to the expression on your face. If you can do this easily, picturing the details in your mind, then you have strong clairvoyant abilities.

Think You’re Clairaudient

Pay attention to the sounds around you. Slowly, dull out the obvious physical sounds and listen to what is beneath them. Try to tune into your breath and heartbeat, the inner stillness. It may take a few tries to be able to do this effectively, but you can accomplish it with ease, you are likely strong in clairaudient skills.

Think You’re Clairsentient

Take a photo of someone you do not know, but a friend does. Look at the photo and try to tap into the feelings the person gives you. Are they trustworthy? What is their personality like? DO you see anything in their eyes? Write down the answers for reference. Now ask your friend if they are accurate. This can also be done with an object that has a distinct history that is unknown to you, but is to another. Hold it and see if you gain anything about its history or owner. IF these exercises are easy, you are likely a strong clairsentient.

Think You’re Claircognizant

Take out a pen and paper while asking your higher self for guidance on a specific question. Write down whatever thoughts pop into your mind without trying to put thoughts there. Keep writing, even if the associations are loose. Allow this to keep going until claircognizance takes over. If this is simple, then you are likely claircognizant.

Deciding which spiritual sense is strongest in your life can help you strengthen your intuition even further. Our senses are powerful and when nurtured along with physical abilities, we can see new things in this world.