There will be many people that come to you on your journey and these soulmate connections might only last a little while, while other relationships will last for a long time. Some of these relationships will be strong while others seem like they were never even meant to be.

All of the relationships matter though and there is never a thing that happens in your life that was not ordained. This can be strong, easy, long, short or anything in between. You made an agreement with the universe to allow your soul to grow to become your higher self and so this journey will have others in it.


There are different types of soulmates and each of them will benefit you in different ways.

Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship is the other part of your soul and this person is there in the same life as you, but they are from the other side and they are there to help you and care for you.

This soul is an incarnate of you and this happens because you have such a strong chemistry that when you are apart, you want to be with them.

There are people that are not always a good match for you and some of them cause your life to be hard because you are too much alike. There are also times where you do not like things about yourself and this person will show you these things.

If you are compatible with this person, you have to be comfortable with who you are and want to reach your higher being.

Kindred Spirit

Your kindred spirit is someone that will come to you at a certain season of your life. This person can be a friend, family member or teacher that is there to challenge you. Maybe you want to reach a goal and these people will be there to love and support you.

Your soulmate could be the person who comes when you have a problem with your car or someone that comes just when you need them the most.

Twin Soul

A twin soul is a person such as a friend or someone that you are close with. There will be people all through your life that you will meet and this soulmate is similar to a kindred spirit but the only difference is that you will have a stronger relationship with them and most likely it will last longer.

A twin soul is someone that you are close friends with or a family member. There is a strong connection with this person, and you might even be able to communicate with them telepathically. There are times you will not even have to use words to communicate but you will know what they are saying.

Finding Your Soulmate

There are different ways that you can help call a soulmate to you and here are some ways:


One way to call your soulmate forth is to meditate. When you meditate it raises your vibrations and allows you to hear from the universe. Listen for signs and manifest what you are wanting in your life. Allow symbols and messages to come to you and expect it when you least expect it.


You can never manifest something to your life if you are sad and depressed and unthankful. Take time each day to show love and to be thankful for the things that you already have.


Imagine that you are spending time with your soulmate, eating dinner, going on dates, having movie nights and more. Make sure you imagine this relationship to be strong and different. Speak words to them and imagine what they would say to you. If this brings you joy, then this is where the power lies with the universe. Release your intentions.

The universe does not know what you are thinking and reality and so when you see your soulmate, this can be a powerful way to meet them.

Never give up on seeing your soulmate and let them spend their life with you. This will happen when you expect it least but if you use the universe to set your intentions then you can have an open mind and an open heart and great things can happen for you.

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to call in a relationship. This can help you to communicate and understand what your spirit guides are telling you and to bring healing to your life.

Attracting Your Soulmate

You need to pay attention to what you are saying and doing and always try to stay positive. By being positive and raising your vibrations, you can attract those that are also at the same vibrational level as you which will most likely be your soulmate. Always thank the universe for what it gives you.