How to Know if You Are Psychic

How to Know if You Are Psychic

Have you ever felt like you were different than everyone else?  This could be one sign that you have psychic powers.  Do things happen to you that you cannot explain, and do you sometimes get the feeling that you can see into the future?

Here are some signs that so you could be psychic:


Intuition is also known as a gut feeling.  Your body, and any body is full of sensitive energy and anyone can tune into the feelings that they have.  You have learned that intuition is guiding your life and if you cannot make logical choices then chances are that you feel that your way is the only logical way.

Next time you have to make a decision, place your hand on our solar plexus and feel how your body is feeling.  What do you feel?

Known Trouble

Having precognition is knowing something before it happens.  This happens as a feeling of dread or a feeling that means you need to take some kind of action.  It is hard to know when something is going to happen, but you just know it is.

It’s possible that you can figure out how to discern things and you can do this by journaling your feelings.

Do you ever dream about the future?  This happens under precognition, but the dream is usually specific.  Sometimes it can be a bad event or sometimes it can be about someone who was about to die.


If you hear voices but there is no physical sound, you might think at first you have a mental disorder.  Once you rule this out, you will realize that this skill is a skill that means you can channel spirits and hear spirits that are giving you messages.

Know Things

Sometimes you might just feel that you know something.  This is called claircognizants.  This is when you are able to know things that you shouldn’t, and you say that you “just know it.”

Reading Thoughts

When you know what someone is going to say before they say it or when you think the phone is going to ring and you know who it is, this is a psychic gift.  Some people might even say that you have telepathic skills such as being able to read people’s thoughts.


Sometimes when you have a psychic gift you can see someone’s aura.  You can see it in their hand, and it can look silver or you can see smoke between their fingers.  This takes practice and you can build on this energy and see more and more colors.


Do you sometimes see things, or do you sometimes have clairvoyance or a second sight?  This can happen by getting messages from spirits.  These spirits can come and can give you messages that can guide you through your life.  It is possible that you might even see the spirits.


When you are holding objects, you might feel that you have seen this object before or feel that you are picking up vibrations from a certain object.  You might have a picture flash in your eyes, or you might feel something or feel someone touch you without anyone being there.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu happens when you feel like you have experienced something before that is new to you.  You might never have been to the place, but you might have a memory of the place.  This can be a strange feeling and called quite knowing because it is a memory that you have.

If you feel that you have been somewhere or have met someone in the past, this can be déjà vu.


If you can figure out the meaning of divinatory through tarot cards, glass, crystal balls, palm readings or more then you are probably a psychic.  You can learn these skills such as using tarot cards, and anyone can learn them, but you have to be a psychic to have intuition.

Scrying is telling the future with a reflective object such as a crystal ball.  Another skill is divining for water and this is when you use rod from a twig, and you pick up energy from water and you can find it with your stick.

What if You Are Psychic?

Do you want to increase your gifts or your psychic abilities?  Sometimes you can turn them down by stating what you are intending.  Meditation can help you and if you practice, you can increase these skills.  Find people that have the same abilities that you do and do not be afraid if you have a gift.  Remember what you see and if you have a psychic question, ask someone that has psychic skills to give you some insight.