Attracting Your Twin Flame and Signs and Stages

Attracting Your Twin Flame and Signs and Stages

Most people know what a soulmate is and maybe you are one of the people that have dreamed of meeting your soulmate. Chances are though, you gave up and you just see it as a fantasy and believe that you will never be in the relationship that you want to be in.

The truth is soulmates do exist, but you can form even deeper connections with people, and this is called twin flames. A twin flame relationship is a relationship that has both good and bad times and often times they do not even last forever but they can bring you a lot of happiness and show you growth in your life.

A twin flame is someone that mirrors your soul. You will see certain signs when you bond with your twin flame and you will see that a twin flame happens in stages. You can see what these stages mean in your own relationship.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is someone that is a mirror if your own soul. It is the other half of your soul that split in a past life and it is someone that is very connected to your soul. Your soul can split after a high frequency and this is when the soul goes into two different bodies.

If you look at the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate, you have to know that a soulmate has the same energy as you, but they were never part of you. These connections are important and are on a different level than a regular relationship. A soulmate relationship can be romantic or a friendship.

Having a twin flame means that you are meant to meet the person at sometime in your life. You will feel a magnetic pull towards this person, and this is a sense that you have known this person for their whole life. When you meet this person, they have the other part of your energy and they will make you feel whole.

Your relationship will be strong since they are a mirror of you. They will make you feel whole and let you know more about yourself and about your flaws. These relationships have both good things and bad things in them and even though you can have a healthy and happy relationship with your twin flame, you have to learn who you are and about yourself before you can.

The love you find for yourself has to be real and unconditional or you will not be able to accept your twin flame.

Symptoms of a Twin Flame

Everyone has a different way that their twin flame will affect them, but here are some common signs:

  • You will know what they are doing and feeling.
  • You will have the same qualities and hobbies.
  • You will have the same feelings and emotions at the same time.
  • There will be a magnetic pull.
  • You have the same dreams at night.
  • Can communicate without talking.
  • Understand the hidden parts of one another.
  • Share the same weaknesses.
  • Both have the same vulnerabilities.
  • You can be your own person with them.

Stages of Twin Flames

When you meet your twin flame it can cause your life to change. This is the beginning for both of you and will help you to grow. Your twin flame will bring change and help you to accept who you are.

Each of the stages that you go in are important with your twin flame. You have to go through these stages so that you can grow and see change in your life. Remember that you will see the other half of you in your twin flame and you can be aware of the stages as they appear to you.

Stage 1

The first stage is the search stage. This is where you are looking for something in your life that you feel is missing. Even if you didn’t know that you wanted or believed in a twin flame, you need to go through this stage so that you can meet and prepare your life for your twin flame.

Preparing for your twin flame can help you to prepare your life for your other half. You might want to begin journaling or seeing a counselor if you have past hurt. These are all important for your twin flame to come.

Stage 2

Awakening is the second stage and once you prepare for your twin flame, you are ready to meet them. Your meeting is your awakening. You will see how compatible that you are when you meet them This is a chance encounter and will be a coincidence that the universe prepares for you.

Maybe you won’t be together for very long, but you will immediately be able to tell that somethings special is happening. You also need to know that your awakening can take place in dreams or it can take place when you meet them in life.

No matter how you meet, you will see that this meeting is intense, and you will feel occupied by this person.

Stage 3

The third stage is the test stage, and this is when you begin to understand what your relationship is. This is where you will set boundaries and you will know what kind of limits you have to have. You will begin to fall in love.

This is the stage that happens after you have went through the honeymoon phase. This is a stage that you think about the relationship and wonder if you will be in a long-term relationship or what the future will hold. You will begin to see what obstacles are in your way for the future.

When you know that you are meant to be with this person, you will see that there will be conflicts that you have to face. Even if you solve the conflicts, you can still be together.

Stage 4

The next stage is one that is a crisis. This is a stage where your bond will be there but that you will be stressed and worried. You will feel that your twin flame has betrayed you or caused you to struggle with who you are. This is a connection that puts pressure on your relationship.

No matter how compatible you are, when two people decide to separate it will be painful and you will feel like you are losing part of yourself. You will get through this and become stronger.

Stage 5

Even if the relationship is strong, chances are you will go through crisis and you will have a chasing stage. You will either be a chaser, or a runner and the role can switch back and forth between you and your twin flame. This stage is one where your twin will distance themselves from you because they are afraid, and they do not know how to be intimate.

The twin in this relationship will be defensive and will have pain but they are worth fighting for.

This stage will only end when the runner stops trying to get away. This sometimes ends when there are forces that are beyond their control.

Stage 6

The surrender stage happens when you give up some control in the relationship. Instead of trying to run from your destiny, you realize that the past stresses that you have had are part of the journey. You learn to trust the universe and where it takes you.

The only way that you can make it through the twin stage is if you work on the problems that lead to the crisis and the running and chasing stage. Some people with problems have them because they need to get rid of negative feelings about themselves so that they can see what their twin says.

Stage 7

When you and your twin flame are in the reunion and joining stage, you will realize that you have found your balance.

When you go through the other challenges, they are hard, and you have to learn about who you are and learn to understand your love.

Some twin flames have this stage and it becomes a physical stage and can take you back to a place where you learn to bond with each other and have intimacy.

In this kind of reunion, you will have peace and learn to accept your journey and understand it.

Even if you have to go through hard things with your twin flame, you will get to this stage. When the reunion is over, you will see that your life can be complete, and you will find your perfect companion.