Clearing your aura

Clearing your aura

Several people are affected by just the idea of having a black aura. However, you should not be worried. Anybody can get a black aura and its common more than you think.

Although black aura is something you shouldn’t be afraid of, it is not your natural state.

Several things cause black aura; loneliness, resentment, and grief.

Symptoms of a black aura

Black aura can drain an individual. It absorbs energy that can leave a person feeling sluggish. It can also affect people around individuals who feel depleted.  Being around people with a black aura can be overwhelming, and having a long-term one isn’t pleasant.

Below are things you can try


Meditation is just the same as visualization. You sit comfortably and quietly. Meditation doesn’t have to be necessarily visual but can be more introspective. Meditating helps clear negative thoughts off your mind and this helps clear your aura.


This a very important aspect especially when it comes to clearing your aura. We should practice self-care always not because it helps clear our aura but because it’s also good for our lifestyle. Self-care can be anything as long as it makes you feel good and positive.


Sit comfortably and quietly. Visualize how unpleasant feels. Then visualize the could dissipating. The black cloud is dissolving and going away and tiny glimmers of light and color are breaking through. Let negativity drain away and positivity replaces them as you visualize the colors getting bigger and brighter. You can do this several times until your aura is cleared.


Your aura can be cleared if you carry a cleansing crystal with you all times. There are different crystals you can try these are; clear or pink quartz as well as celestite.