Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Having a broken or unbalanced chakra can be very hard on you both physically and mentally but being a human means that you most likely have experienced some type of heartbreak. This heartbreak can come in different forms such as being disappointed, a breakup or a loss that you have experienced.

The center of your body or the heart chakra is also called the Anahata. This is the part of your body that experiences many of the emotions that you will feel and this can be at a very personal level for you but it can also hurt those around you when you are suffering.

Heartbreak and stress can be felt at different levels and they can occur in different situations in life such as political unrest, natural disasters, war and more.

When you feel sadness and other bad feelings creeping up on you, you must learn to take care of your heart and your spirit.

Healing Your Heart Chakra Using Yoga

When you feel heartbroken, your body will close down on a physical basis. This can mean you are hunching down, slumping, or closing off your heart in any way you can. When you choose yoga to help you heal, it can open up your heart area and different poses such as the bow, camel or even the cobra can help to open up your chest.

Healing Affirmations

The heart needs affirmations especially if you are heartbroken. This can help you to have unconditional love and forgiveness for others. Learn to do affirmations in your meditation and do this by repeating the affirmation each time you breathe. Say things such as:

  • I am worthy.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • I am healing.
  • I am able to accept my feelings.
  • My heart is open to others.
  • I want to accept others.
  • I release my pain.
  • I release forgiveness to those that have hurt me.
  • I am able to love.

Children and Animals

Take time each day to spend time with children and animals. When you open your heart to their unconditional love and acceptance, it can balance your heart and help you to heal.

If you have your own kids or animals, you can use them to bond and it can help you in your overall health. Take time to share a meal together or to go to the park. If you do not have your own pets or children, ask a friend to let you spend time with theirs.

Volunteer at a childcare facility or a local animal shelter and let your heart connect with these things while you nurture them and your own self.


Taking a bath can refresh your body and your heart. One thing you can do is let the water take away all your negative feelings and to help relax your tight muscles. This can soothe you and get rid of stress and it allows you to have alone time and to slow down.

Adding essential oils to your bath can help to keep you tuned in to your senses. Use roses, jasmine, sandalwood, or a variety of other essential oils to open up your heart chakra.


Loving others and being kind and using Metta meditation can help to connect with your heart chakra. Breathe in deep and allow your heart center to get rid of blame and guilt.

Find a place that you can sit where you are comfortable, close your eyes and breathe in and out. Let your mind eye imagine that you are sitting in front of yourself and imagine a golden light raining down on you. This is pure light of love.

If you have others that have hurt you, be aware of them and the forgiveness and love you want to give them. Send this love to them and you can find your happiness.

Talk to Someone

When you have a broken heart, you will want to isolate and hide. Remember though, you do not have to be alone in your healing. If you are struggling to connect with people, learn to move forward with help. Talk to someone such as a counselor or a therapist for emotional help.

Take care of yourself and learn to find people that you trust that you can share your grief and loss with.

Learn to take care of your heart chakra and learn to be healthy and healed.