Usage of protection crystals in the prevention of psychic attacks

Usage of protection crystals in the prevention of psychic attacks

Psychic attraction is very important to any individual who is involved in the practice of psychic development works including the ones participating in the meditation cycle. Most people, however, are not usually quite aware of the problems associated with not protecting themselves well thus finding themselves in trouble. Once you have become a professional at finding contacts with higher realms, you will fully understand the importance of these crystals since you will be aware of the risks that you’re exposing yourself to. It’s everyone’s will to prevent and protect himself or herself from such attacks. Opening yourself to the spirits implies that one should begin to take psychic protection measures to ensure protection against psychic attacks

Meditation groups and spiritual development circles

Participating in group meditations or even circles that promote spiritual development, it becomes normal for you to do guided meditations. The main objective of such groups is usually developing psychic gifts. It is not new for any individual with the potential of developing psychic gifts to make contacts with the spirit at such times mostly guided by their personal guidelines. It is therefore very important to protect yourself while performing such. In most cases the spirits won’t harm you, however, there is a probability of harm.

Psychic attack

We all have guardian angels who protect us at all times. Chances of getting attacked psychically, however, are still available despite the fact that we are protected. The attack may be a spirit or not as it depends on the situation being handled. In most cases, it is usually a negative vibration from other people and may not be deliberately released or even sent to you. It may have been a coincidence or even just a random encounter. It also may be because someone is having a negative thought about you especially if the person is gifted psychically whether they know you or not. If you have ever experienced such attacks then you will know and understand fully the importance of psychic protections. These negative protections, however, can affect both of you, those using them and those getting affected by them. It is therefore advisable not to use your psychic gifts to harm others. Misuse of such powers may lead to health problems. The main concern, however, is that not everyone with psychic capabilities is aware of the impacts they make to society.

Why we need Psychic Protection

Most of us have abilities that we are not even aware of as we are born with them. The development of such abilities may happen without your prior knowledge and warning. Wearing high energy crystals are known to have the potential of magnifying these psychic gifts at a faster and abnormal rate. This happens when you begin developing yourself spiritually including participating in groups that promote meditation. When working with specific people you may discover that you absorb unwanted negative energy into your own psychic energy field. This may affect you and your ability to concentrate.

Purpose of the Protective clock

No matter what sort of protection field you’re working on, there is a need to be aware of the importance of psychic protection while performing the art of healing. This means that you as a healer also need protection. You may achieve this by wearing jewelry made from one or more protection stones. This ensures that the client releases negative energy that he or she may be holding back their chance of healing. This also ensures that you don’t absorb this kind of energy

Cleansing the environment

It is very important for a healer to regularly cleanse the environment where you work with your clients. You may do this by making sure the room is white lighted. You should also cleanse the air with white smoke and spray the room with the required natural oils. Cleansing all of your crystals is also important. It is advisable to use the sage method of cleansing them as they love this energy

People have the potential of discharging negative vibrations when they are drinking thus as you develop your psychic skills, you will find out that you can discern when being attacked. At this point in time, you can easily communicate with your spirit instructing it to protect you. They usually do what you ask them. You should also place another cloaking layer around you at this time

How to ensure psychic protection

Most psychic attacks come during sleep usually dreams created by the person attacking you. This implies that they are in most cases unintentional yet dissipate strong energy in case the individual sending them has strong psychic energy and abilities. This is why you need crystals like tumble stones under your pillows or even next to the bedside table for protection. It is also advisable to wear pendants or earrings during the day made from crystals, made from Moldavite stones during the day as this stone is deemed as highly protective. Other protective stones include Sugilite and rainbow moonstone as they are both highly protective and beautiful at the same time. Amber is also a good crystal to use

If you don’t like wearing crystals then it is advisable to have a small cloth bag for carrying such crystals in your pocket. This is a simpler way of integrating the required positive vibrations into your life. These stone crystals change with time, however, their impact remains the same

Working in a psychic environment

If you wish to develop your gifts so as to use these acquired psychic skills to maintain psychic empowerment then Shattuckite is one of the best stones you can use to shield yourself from being possessed. It will also help you to develop some other gifts you may not be having initially. It is also advisable to use Pyrolusite, which aids in preventing you as a healer from being identified by spirits from the lower astral realms. Protection is very important as it acts insurance as it involves taking measures to prevent negative outcomes from these attacks in case of need. For protection against fear, it is advisable to use is spirit quartz while for repulsing negative energy is Fire Agate

There are a variety of stones to use. However, this depends on the individual preferences of the healer as they tend to work differently for most healers. However, there are common stones that have the same effect on people like amethyst for keeping protective energy in the room. We should make sure we protect ourselves when performing healings for the better good.