Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Do you know when or if your soulmate is thinking about you?  Maybe there is someone that you know is completely interested and you hope that it is your soulmate.  Or maybe you have been dating someone for a while and you wonder if they are the perfect one for you.  You might even question if you have a future together.

Instead of always questioning thing or second guessing yourself, look at how the person behaves, and you will be able to tell if they are thinking of you as their soulmate.  They will give you clear ideas as to if they like you or not and if you hang in there, you will see that you can find true love.


If your soulmate is thinking about you, he or she will call you or text you.  They will be intentional when they want to communicate with you, and they will always be trying to make plans with you.

A real soulmate will not take days to text you and they will respond to you right away when you contact them.  This type of communicating shows you that they are thinking about you and are interested in talking to you.


If someone wants to talk to you or see you, they will.  One of the biggest ways to know if you are talking to your soulmate is if they set time aside for you.

Having a relationship is more than just sex and when a guy takes time out of their life to see you or take you on a date, they are showing interest in you.  He wants to see you and when he makes time, this is a good sign.

One of the best ways to tell if a guy is into you is by seeing if he likes to talk to you and hang out.


Someone that is into you will pay attention to little things.  He will notice if you cut your hair or will want to discuss personal things with you.  He will want to get to know you and will be real with you.

A soulmate will ask you questions about your family and your friends.  They will try to find out if you have the same types of interests and what you like.

He will listen to you and will be genuine with you.  There will be no awkward silences because you will both have a lot to say to each other.

Gifts and Fun

A true soulmate wants you to be happy and wants to show that he or she likes you.  They will think about you and bring you gifts that will be thoughtful and sweet.  They will plan dates and find things that make you happy.

A guy that is into you will do things that he thinks that you like.  He will find activities or things to do that you want to do and things that you have mentioned before.  He will take you out to your favorite restaurant or will find other loving things to do for you.

This shows that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you more.

Problem Solver

When you have a problem in your life, your soulmate will try to come to your rescue.  He or she will do whatever they can to help solve whatever is bothering you.  They will be there to help you and will always leave the lines of communication open for you.  If you are upset about work, he will come over and bring you wine and food.  He will do actions that show you he cares.


There are many signs that can show if your partner is your soulmate and how they treat you is one of the biggest signs.  Pay attention to your partner and see if he or she shows you any of the signs.  Remember, you deserve someone who loves you and respects you and someone that really wants to be with you.