Ten Psychic Abilities and How to Practice Them

Ten Psychic Abilities and How to Practice Them

Psychic abilities come in many forms and often are misinterpreted as ordinary perceptive powers, intuition, or sheer luck. Psychic powers usually are tied to one of the five senses, but some are considered more cerebral and focus on pure thoughts.

Maybe you’d like to learn about receiving psychic messages, or how to detach your body from your spirit. Perhaps you want to channel information from objects, or to heal other people. Have you ever felt a hunch that ended up being true? Or, do you admire a psychic who has the ability to give reliable psychic readings?

Whatever the case, this article is a great place to start. Let’s explore 10 common psychic abilities!

  1. Astral Projection

Astral projection has been practiced in different religions and cultures for many centuries. It’s an out-of-body experience in which your spirit detaches from your physical body and roams freely.

Astral projection is inherently connected to meditation and dreams, during which our spirits can exit our bodies. To practice astral projection, find an isolated place where you won’t be disturbed. Meditate to empty your mind. Concentrate on the void.

You’ll eventually see a bright light and hear noises. But you must remain calm: you’re about to project. You can return to it simply by thinking about it, so have no fear.

  1. Aura Reading

According to theosophy, every person has an aura. It displays a person’s life energy and is seen as a glow around the body. Based on inner strength and spirituality, auras glow dimmer or brighter. They have various colors that tell us about individuals and their character.

Some people are able to read auras and don’t yet realize it. Even though auras aren’t visible to most people, those gifted can see them quite clearly. An aura reading can be used in tandem with other psychic gifts to help others with their problems.

To read auras, concentrate on the areas around people as well as the colors around them. Auras are a combination of infrared radiation and electromagnetic radiation. They’re made up of multiple layers, which appear in different colors. You need to learn what each color represents, which will allow you to see what a person’s character is like.

Negative energy can affect one’s aura, and even corrupt it. Aura readers must know when they should cleanse their auras, and they need to learn how to protect their auras from harmful influences.

To learn to read auras, practice increasing your affinity to colors and improving the range of your peripheral vision. These skills are crucial.

  1. Automatic Writing

When we write, we formulate words in our thoughts and physically transfer them onto paper. It’s an intellectual undertaking that involves planning and focus. In automatic writing, people write without consciousness. The writer gives up control and their words come from a supernatural or spiritual source. It’s often described as feeling possessed.

Relaxing is key to practicing and mastering automatic writing. To begin, you must empty your head of all thoughts, and hold your pen loosely. Some people prefer to use their non-dominant hand. Next, simply ask a question. Feel free to write it down. Then relax and just wait.

After you finish writing, read what you wrote and interpret the message. This may be difficult at first, but it does get easier.

  1. Divination

Divination allows people to foresee the future by reading omens and signs. It’s unique in that it includes a social component. Divination has been practiced throughout history by spiritual people who look beyond the physical world. Divination is similar to fortune telling, but as time has passed, fortune telling has become more popular.

A common form of divination uses playing cards to foretell events. But tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, spirit boards, crystals, runes, pendulums, or other tools may also be used.

To practice divination, choose an environment that will let you focus, concentrate and relax. Place the object you’re reading from in front of you. Take your time and focus on one spot. When you receive a message, write it down. Your message may have multiple meanings, so be wary of misinterpreting it.

  1. Energy Healing

Energy healing is among the most popular forms of alternative medicine. It’s performed by people with excess life energy who become healers. There are three different types of energy healing: hands-off, hands-on, and distance healing. During an energy healing, the healer treats a subject’s ailments through a transfer of energy. Energy healings must be performed by healthy people. They shouldn’t be done by ill or exhausted practitioners.

Before beginning, remove jewelry from your hands. Have confidence in your energy and in your ability to transfer it to your subject. In the hands-on approach, avoid using force, which can disrupt the flow of energy. Similarly, don’t force your energy onto your subject. Simply open your channel of energy and allow it to flow into your subject.

  1. Empathy

Empathy is powerful. It helps people understand other people and offer aid. Feeling empathy is quite advantageous in some professions.

But being an empath goes beyond that. Empaths have the ability to understand another person’s feelings and experience them as their own. For an actual empath, these feelings are very intense; they feel exactly what another person feels. It may even feel as though the universe is actually expressing its own feelings through them.

To become an empath, a person must be sensitive enough to perceive and absorb other people’s energy and feelings. To practice, pay attention to people’s behaviors and movements when conversing with them. In time, you’ll be able to notice slight and subtle changes. Then you’ll begin sharing their experiences and feelings.

  1. Retrocognition

Retrocognition is similar to precognition, but it involves past events. It wouldn’t be possible to gain the knowledge gained through retrocognition from any other source. These events don’t even need to be connected with any personal experience. A psychic may see things that happened to somebody else that is not common knowledge.

Like other psychic abilities, a quiet, isolated environment is required to practice so you can concentrate. Clear your head of all thoughts and focus on the area just above your head. This area is the source of retrocognition information. Next, open your consciousness to the information and ask questions until you acquire the information you need.

  1. Scrying

Scrying may be the most recognizable among psychic abilities. It’s similar to divination and fortune telling in that a psychic needs an object to scry. A crystal ball or other translucent item is commonly used.

When scrying, a psychic sees spiritual visions, which may show past, present or future events. While looking into the crystal ball, the psychic falls into a trance and the visions begin to appear.

As with other psychic processes, it’s important to create a safe environment where you can concentrate and relax in. It may help to meditate before beginning. It’s best to scry at night since divination is connected with the moon and its power.

When scrying with a crystal ball, focus on one spot to help you relax and set the mood. If you’re not experienced, the messages you receive may confuse you. But with experience, you’ll be able to discern its meaning. You may receive messages through different senses, which may feel overwhelming.

  1. Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the power to manipulate matter with mind power. Among the most common displays of telekinesis is bending items. By using the mind, a practitioner bends and manipulates objects, and even levitates people and controls his own organs.

Telekinesis taps into the mind’s potential. To begin, analyze every aspect of the item you plan to manipulate and remove any preconceptions related to it. Then relax and empty your mind of all thoughts. Understand that both you and the item have the same energy. Feel that energy inside of you. Decide how you’ll approach the item and how you’ll manipulate it. Focus your energy and direct it toward the item.

  1. Telepathy

Telepathy, also known as mind-reading, is the process of one person reading another person’s thoughts. But telepathy involves far more than this. Telepathy also allows the practitioner to extract emotions, experiences, passions, and perceptions from another person’s mind.

To practice telepathy, you and your subject must focus, and remove all distractions. Create a psychic bond with your receiver. Ask questions to increase your affinity. Then visualize the message you want to send. After you send it, instruct the receiver to tell you what they received.

These psychic abilities share many similarities. All of them involve a high level of spirituality, and all can be honed with enough practice. All are built on focus and meditation. As you gain proficiency in one power, you’ll note that the others become easier.

Be patient—with inner peace and practice, you’ll reach your own psychic potential!