How do you know when you have met your soulmate?

How do you know when you have met your soulmate?

Sometimes your instinct says that you are with someone special. From deep within you, you can just feel that the person you are with is your soulmate. You feel this inside, but how can you be sure?  There are ways that the universe helps us know for sure, you just have to pay attention to the signs and signals the world is sending you.

There’s electricity

You probably felt a spark when you met them for the very first time. Then when you saw them again, planned or not, you feel that spark again. And even if you don’t immediately begin a relationship, you keep seeing that person over and over This is because there are no accidents in life; the world will show you the way.

When you start paying attention you will see that life is bringing you your destiny.  You just have to take some time and be patient. The universe knows what is best for you. When you see the same person over and over, it could be because you are meant to be together.

There’s telepathy

In the way that you just know you were meant to be together, you just know what your loved one feels. This is because your frequencies are linked. While the rest of the world seems to be passing them by, you know that there is something going on.

Even though they may try to hide their feelings from you, they simply can’t.

Distance doesn’t come between you

Even when you can’t be together all of the time, you’re still connected.  You do miss the when you are apart, it’s almost a physical ache. You and your soul mate might not be together in person but you’ll feel mentally connected. You will still miss them, but the connection help you through.

Amazing Chemistry

Nothing is the same without the. You would pick a simple afternoon with your partner than go  on a fabulous journey without them. When it comes to spending time with them, there is nothing like it. Even when you have to be apart, you still seem to communicate with each other. The space between you is not empty distance, it’s filled with the heart felt feeling connecting you.

Your connect with this person on every single level and you feel it in your soul. You have truly found your mate.