Overcoming Doubt in Spirit Messages

Overcoming Doubt in Spirit Messages

When you choose to develop gifts of intuition, receiving messages from spirits, or whatever you choose to title it, feelings of doubt are natural. You may have concerns about getting or interpreting the message incorrectly or imagining the messages. This is normal. When learning about mediumship, developing intuition, or working on psychic gifts, you are learning how information comes from the spirit world. This information comes from the four clairs: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. To learn to banish the doubt that often comes with doing exercise to grow in these areas, there are a few things you can do. These are shared below.

Magic Words

There are two very special words that can help overcome self-doubt so you can trust in your growth and abilities. These words are simple, but make a huge difference. So, what are they? Just try. That is it, simply just try and watch as you begin to grow in trust of your abilities. There will be times when your readings or the message that pops in your head does not make sense to you in the moment, but share it and see if it lands. Just try so you can learn to be more discerning.

No Apologies

Though we may worry that certain impressions are wrong, never apologize for them. When reading for someone, tell them what you intuitively see, feel, hear, or sense about the situation. Never shy away or apologize. What you feel is what you feel, there is no reason to hide it.

Let Go

Validation is important for someone starting to do readings for other. We want to be right and feel confident when you speak up. However, needing this validation can hold you back from seeing real results. Fear and self-doubt is a low vibration feeling and the spirits operate on high vibrations, the two cannot go hand in hand. A reading in which you doubt yourself will close off spirit messages. There is a difference in the ego mind versus the spirit mind.

The ego mind is weighed down by fears, worries, and doubts. It is self-critical and judgmental, as well as small and limits. The ego mind is disconnected from all things other than itself and its functions. On the other side, the spirit mind is loving, boundless, and infinite. This allows it to be light and free, connected in unity to all things. The spirit mind’s default is trust and a connection to the higher self. Being confident is what allows you to give the best and most accurate readings.

Receptive Mode

This all sounds great, but how do we put ourselves into a mode to be receptive to the spirits? The key is going beyond the reading and moving into channeling or using a pendulum. Receptive mode is when our minds are totally quiet, no doubt, chatter, or worries about anything. When your mind is at peace, the ego is silenced and you are opened up to receiving messages.

To get in the receptive mode it is often easier to start in the morning before your ego truly has time to get going. Take time to talk to your guides, meditate, and work on readings before the day gets busy and loud.

Then sit in the power during meditation by trying activities like listening to a meditation track, doing guided meditation, focused breathing, or chanting a mantra. For some, a nature walk may also be helpful. As you do one or more of these things, connect to your energy source and visualize your inner light emanating from the heart space. Stay in this spiritual space for a while. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale and repeat several times. Allow the light you feel to connect to the earth and then come back up and encompass your aura. Allow it to expand exponential and then pull it back into your heart space as you end the meditation.