Tarot Cards for Reconciliation

Tarot Cards for Reconciliation

Some relationships in our lives help us to learn more about ourselves than others.  We can have relationships that give us joy and give us support but when we have problems in these relationships, we can feel sadness in our lives and spirit.  This might be a breakup or separation or being lonely.  These relationships don’t have to make you feel down.  You have the power to change things around.

There are some Tarot cards that can show you what you need in your relationships and how to change them and deal with people in your life.  You need to identify the reasons that the problems are there and then address the situation so that you can be stronger.

Tarot Cards for Reconciliation:

  • Justice
  • The Handed Man
  • Temperance
  • Tower Tarot
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • Six of Cups
  • Page of Cups

The next time you have answers in your relationships, seek your Tarot cards to get a powerful message about your relationship.

Justice Tarot Card

The Justice card is about fairness and karma.  This means that if you have a relationship that isn’t balanced and you are suffering it is because of bad interaction.  The Justice reminds you that you have to be equal to each other and that you have to understand each other’s perspective.  When this card comes up, you have to accept the truth of the situation without emotions.  If you can’t do this then you need a counselor to help you.

Hanged Man

If the Hanged Man shows up then you need to ask what you can do to get unstuck.  If you think this isn’t you that it’s the other person, it isn’t, its you.  You are trapped in a situation and you are acting in ways that are limiting.  You need to relieve the situation and open up and be more realistic in your thinking.  The Hanged Man appears so that you can understand yourself and your relationship more.


When the Temperance cards shows up it means moderation and mixing.  This is because the relationship is about two people’s past and present and their joys and fears.  All these mix together.  If this comes in your reading then you need to be tolerant in what you are going through.  Everyone reacts differently and you can’t expect people to act the same as you.  Don’t cut off your ties completely and don’t pressure others to do what you want.  Try to be open and accepting.

Tower Tarot Card

Sometimes relationships come at the wrong time and that can cause you to self-destruct.  This happens sometimes because the relationship wasn’t right form the beginning and sometime its because the relationship isn’t wrong but the timing.  If the Tower comes up then it means everything has to be torn down and rebuilt.  Relationships that end badly might just be the timing of the Tower and it might be what happened to you in the moment.  Now you both have to separate and be individuals and then you might come together again in a new relationship.


When the Judgement card comes up it means that you need major change in your life.  Things aren’t going to be over and you can take back your relationship but you have to apply things and make better choices.  You have to let go of the past and put good things in the future.

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups card is when you put more into the relationship than the other person.  This reminds you that the relationship has to be equal and each person must give as much as they receive.  When this card comes, you need to consider it as an imbalance and see if you are part of the problem.  Work to make the relationship equal.

Six of Cups

This card means that you are using your past to stay out of your present.  If you had a falling out with someone, they might reappear.  This might be literal or  you might just be thinking too much about someone from the past.  You have to reconcile this and find closure.  You need to get rid of the negative feelings and see if this person needs a place in your life.

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is about you and can show newness and is emotional in the relationship.  This is showing new feelings and how you interact with other people that you have had problems with in the past.  This card tells you there is newness of the person and a new you and that you are more mature and open to things.  This can bring reconciliation.