Being From Other Dimensions

Being From Other Dimensions

People all over the world have strange experiences. There are some that have experienced paranormal things happening to them and others have had tricks played on them that make them think these things are in their mind.

Some people wonder how they can know if their loved one is trying to contact them and they have a hard time understanding that a medium is connected to the universe and they have a hard time understanding how the universe speaks and reacts.

When someone has an open mind, they can be guided by their own personal psychic intuition and giftings that they have but most people are guided by their feelings. People can hear the voice of their spirit guides if they are willing to be more open.

Most of the time the guides will give signs that are very accurate but very calm and quiet. They might guide you in your gut to call someone that you have not seen for a long time and you will find that they needed you just at that time.

Someone might get signs from their loved one that has passed on and these signs can happen when they are at work or at home. They might have a hard choice and not know what kind of decision to make and then they will see a sign like a license plate or hear a song that gives them the answer right in front of them.

Maybe someone is not even thinking of their passed loved one and then they hear something come on the loudspeaker at work that talks about their loved one or makes them think of them.

Some of the signs that people have are stronger than others and sometimes a sign will come to stop you from going down the wrong path in life. If things seem to be bad all the time, this can be a sign that you need to find a different path so that things do not keep falling apart.

Learning to pay attention to different signs from the spirit world can help you to be stronger and can help you to have a happier life.

Some omens can come in your life and they can be in different forms. They can come as a thought or they can come as a voice inside of yourself.

Even loved ones that have went to the other side can guide us by letting us think about them right at the perfect moment or they can do something that will catch our attention and help us to see that they are there wanting to know more about us.

Some of the signs can be a light flicking off and on, the television going off, the smell of perfume or smoke or even a phone call that comes from a strange person or number.

Make sure that you take time to learn to recognize the different signs and omens that your loved ones or your spirit guides are trying to give you.

Always know that there can be a connection to the spirit world and everything that happens is not just happening from coincidence but can be a part of the spirit world.

It is always your choice if you are going to believe or not or if you are going to think that it is just some part of your imagination. Take time to think on what you believe in and embrace whatever side you choose to take.