5 Ways You Know You are Clairvoyant

5 Ways You Know You are Clairvoyant

The word clairvoyance drums up images of a 19th-century fortune teller looking into a crystal ball, but that is far from the truth regarding this interesting and helpful gift.

The word can be broken down into “Clair” which means clear and “voyance” meaning vision. It means a person with this gift can perceive things others don’t see. This can mean looking at a person’s character or even things that take place in the future.

Most people have some sort of clairvoyance although it can be broken down into the five senses rather than just “seeing” things. You can get impressions through hearing, touch, taste, and thoughts as well.

The amount of clairvoyance is what differs among every person. Some are gifted with an abundance of it and others who work to enhance the amount they do have. Some have it but ignore it so it is never used.

There are three ways of obtaining clairvoyance. You are born with it and, perhaps, come from a family line that has it. You obtain it through some sort of spiritual awakening or rebirth. The third way is to enhance it over time by working to develop it.

There are five ways you can know if you are clairvoyant:

  1. You are visual.

Some people relate more to the audio while others connect with pictures. Those who connect best with pictures and videos are visual people. They envision stories as they read or as people relay a story to them. They “see” it happening in their heads.

This makes for wonderful detectives and other types of law enforcement because they can see the details in their mind and also see what is missing or what doesn’t fit the story.

If you are a creative type, working as an artist or in graphic design, advertising or the like, or enjoy art and color, then you are most likely a visual person.

  1. You see auras.

Auras is the colorful energy that surrounds all living things. Most people can’t see them, but those who can have a level of clairvoyance. This can happen at any point on time without forcing it.

  1. Some colors flash around you.

Those with clairvoyance report seeing flashes of color around them. It can be inside or outside and has no known source. Sometimes, they see them in their peripheral vision. This happens much more often in children, but the gift disappears as adults discourage it and tell them it’s their imagination running wild.

  1. There are vivid dreams.

Those who see dreams like they are watching a movie are clairvoyant. The picture and audio are clear and it’s all in color. It feels as if you are there because it is so vivid.

  1. You can visualize a future incident.

Those with a strong sense of clairvoyance can see what the future holds. Sometimes, this bothers those who are just finding out about their gift. There is no need for fear. The visions are meant to tell us something. Sometimes, it is important to our safety and well being so it’s important to pay attention!

Those who have three or more of the five signs are certainly clairvoyant. Those with less than three can practice enhancing what they do have. Those who have none of this happening in their lives could have another gift like clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (all-knowing), or clairsentience (clear feeling).

Whatever your gift, learn how to use it, and how to enhance it. It can improve your life and the lives of others.