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Usage of protection crystals in the prevention of psychic attacks

Psychic attraction is very important to any individual who is involved in the practice of psychic development works including the ones participating in the meditation cycle. Most people, however, are not usually quite aware of the problems associated with not protecting themselves well thus finding themselves in trouble. Once you have become a professional at finding contacts with higher realms, y...[Read More]

Can you get your ex back with the help of a psychic?

As you know, relationships require a lot of work.  Every single couple has hard times. If things get too rough, some couples may just call it quits, no matter how much they love each other. If you have ever had a rough break-up with someone you love, you may find it impossible to move on.  You will spend endless hours trying to decide what went awry. And then, suddenly, you find yourself picturing...[Read More]

Psychic Frauds Everywhere, Beware!

       Are you still surprised that the psychics industry has a lot of frauds?  Well… there are still several scams which occur every day online and there are millions who fall a victim to this. One out of every four psychics who operate online is genuine and other three are somehow conducting a scam. This will throw light on a clearer idea of several fake psychics conducting scam and harass...[Read More]